"Mr.Dvorak's ability to customize his presentation to the specific requirements of our organization enables him to connect with his audience in a truly motivational and meaningful way." - Kathy Litts
Regional Manager
"Far from a canned response, you provided a completely custom analysis of our office’s marketing and sales. Each new response and action item was specific to the problems, issue, constrains, and opportunities that we face. You showed great creativity of ideas, and great knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing world of marketing." - John Powell
CTA Architects Engineers
"Your ability to weave in our corporate objectives and areas of pain contributed to a very successful event." - Nancy Vaughan
Group Sales and Marketing Manager
Marriott Hotels & Resorts
"Your presentation management development seminars was indeed just what we needed. Our employees found your motivational presentation inspiring to say the least. Then not only enjoyed themselves tremendously but also came away from the seminars understanding more about what it takes to not only motivate their co-workers and staff but also to have a more positive outlook on their own lives." - Bob Nobile
Training, Quality & Development Manager
Swissport Cargo Services
"Your professionalism and high degree of energy made our event a tremendous success. Your insights and read into the audience was critical in providing a non-defensive atmosphere. You did not miss a step in bringing the audience to a very receptive and motivating level to take action. It was amazing the response we have received." - Edward J. Morris
Vice President
Merrill Lynch
"I must tell you that your presentation generated the most feedback I have ever received. To a person, the comments were glowing. I was told several times that this was the best kickoff we have had in years." - Amy Graver
IBM Services Manager
IBM Global Services
"Thank you for your excellent presentation. I overheard several people commenting about your program and the things you emphasized such as the need to set goals and self-motivation. Your interesting and creative style assists you in delivering a unique message to your audience." - Joel Levy
Director of Human Resources
Trump Hotel & Casino
"I wanted to personally thank you for spending time with our staff recently at The Westin Fort Lauderdale. Your engaging presentation really excited our team! Your presentation obviously made and impression as the team is working together to find fun and creative ways to close more business! Thank you again for the information and excitement that you brought to our group." - Juan Ortega
Director of Sales and Marketing
Westin Hotels & Resorts
"I wanted to reach out and thank you for the great job you and Mike Breen did preparing and presenting our sales training. I am very satisfied but more importantly our employees feel that this type of training was way over due and that they learned a confident that this will pay dividends. Not only in added revenue but also in employee moral and commitment." - Felipe Reyes
Director of Business Development
McCloud Services

"Doug, We are extremely happy with your presentation. We have received an endless number of positive comments from all Services.

We will definitely keep In mind for future opportunities."

- Carl B. Glover
Jr. Director
Navy Fire & Emergency Services

"Your humorous and motivational program set the perfectly for our annual meeting. The comments I received from the Attendees have been very positive. We were also impressed with your diligence in preparing for the meeting. You asked a lot of questions and interviewed a number of individuals prior to the meeting in order to tailor and personalize your presentation for our healthcare origination. When asked for speaker suggestions in the future, we’ll be happy to recommend Doug Dvorak and his alter ego, Dr. Carpediem."

- Cathy Tinsley
Vice President
Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Thank you so much for speaking at our MDONS Fall Conference. Your presentation was spectacular and was well received by the attendees. It was a great way to end the day."

- Zita Fenner
Programs Committee, Metro Denver Oncology Society
Denver Health
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Doug Dvorak - Professional Motivational and Keynote Speaker, Humorist Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Doug Dvorak is a top rated, passionate and professional motivational speaker, who engages his audience with his uniquely tailored motivational speeches. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Doug encourages, educates, and galvanizes his audiences. A seasoned motivational speaker, Doug delivers keynote presentations around the globe, speaking over 75 times a year and having traveled to over 107 countries. His clients include Intel, Cisco, Discover Card, Unilever and Marriott among others. An insightful, warm, and caring man in person, Doug Dvorak connects with his audiences through individually tailored content, impactful personal message, and with his unique and generous blend of humor and energy.

As a professional motivational speaker, and famous humorist, Doug delivers a unique brand of powerful messages with inspiration, humor, and true connections. Such keynote concepts boost the audiences’ ability to clarify their goals, and to commit to their new path of change: whether it is in building a sales team, career training, finding inspiration, motivating staff, or discovering broader aspirations.

Doug Dvorak is a member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers and National Speaker Association. He carries the professional designation Certified Speaking Professional (“CSP”). Only the top category of professional speakers earn this high level. Doug is also a certified sales trainer, management consultant, and has been inducted into several prestigious national and international Who's Who organizations, including Who's Who in Professional Speaking.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management.

His delightful sense of humor has been well honed by life’s challenges and he is a graduate of the Player’s Workshop of the Second City, one of most prestigious improvisational comedy schools in the world. This celebrated motivational humorous speaker brings laughter and joy while helping people find their passions.

He is a well-regarded author whose varied work complements Doug’s professional motivational speaking topics and includes: Social Media Marketing, Branding, Marketing, Sales Training, Team Building, and more.

As a keynote speaker, Doug has transformed sales forces, nonprofit organizations, teams and groups large and small. Yet it is also the individual in the audience he reaches out to as well. With humor, passion, a wealth of information: a catalyst for change, for growth. To inspire, vitalize, make possible, motivate, and encourage. Testimonials for Doug have come in both from the organizations Doug has spoken to as a professional speaker, their teams and sales forces, but also individuals who have been moved by his words.

Doug Dvorak is an experienced professional keynote speaker. He is one of world’s most sought-after consultants, lecturers and teachers. Feel free to explore the website and contact us for scheduling and questions.

Top Ten Reasons To Book Doug Dvorak Motivational Humorous Speaker

  • 10. Doug is rumored to be a descendant of Danish Kings.
  •   9. Doug rarely works shirtless.
  •   8. Only Doug's enthusiasm is infectious.
  •   7. Doug's signature minty fresh breath.
  •   6. Rare coins often fall from his pockets during his lively presentations.
  •   5. Doug’s pre-program questionnaires are eco-friendly and reusable for tough kitchen clean-up.
  •   4. Fun, inexpensive alternative to a (Caribbean/Tropical/European) vacation.
  •   3. Doug uses obscure Latin phrases only when necessary.
  •   2. 4 out of 5 Meeting Planners surveyed found Doug to be engaging, hilarious, original and well-marbled.
  •   1. Doug is loved by animals, children and the elderly in varying degrees.

You'll love Doug Dvorak - Motivational Humorous Speaker

Internationally renowned Motivational Humorous Speaker Doug Dvorak, LAUGHS with Oprah’s Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist, Reggie Wells at a Laughter Yoga session.
Doug Dvorak participated and helped in the filming and location selection for the piece that aired “Live” on The Oprah Show, April 11th, 2007.
Doug Dvorak is the author of the critically aclaimed book BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND (Pelican, 2012).