Change Management Keynote Program

Managing Change For a Brighter Future

How To Overcome The Change Barrier Positively & Successfully

Doug Dvorak - Motivational Speaker

Presented by Doug Dvorak

Speaker, Author, Consultant

Businesses don’t do business–people do. They create the force that ensures an organization’s successful future. These individuals hold the solutions to problems, the ways to improve motivation, productivity, creativity to enhance products and services, and the insight that the company needs to move forward. Having strong leaders to ensure the people in your business are handling changes correctly is critical to any long-term business plan.


You and your group of will learn how to overcome the shock of change while adapting for success through communication, facilitation, creativity, innovation, and motivation. 


I teach your group how to seize the hidden treasure in change by providing your group with strategies to increase productivity, motivation, and morale.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Best communication practices to help all team members fully understand the change & stick to it
  • Be more intentional toward changes, as opposed to relying on intuition alone
  • How to serve as a source of optimism and enthusiasm while eliciting change
  • Provide the resources and support to encourage savvy risk-taking in times of change
  • Taking and delegating responsibility for making change happen
  • Recognize ways to stay motivated and motivate others effectively during company changes
  • Create the buzz and excitement to initiate change
  • Managing the “hard” project focused aspects of change and the “soft” people focused aspects of change
  • Five Essential Facets of Managing Dynamic Change
  • Create the vision that change is an opportunity vs. a problem
  • Sustain the momentum – Motivate Attendees
  • Execute strategies & actions needed to create and sustain success

Potential Program Content (Will Be Modified/Customized)

Further discussion with yourself and any other staff (meeting planner, event coordinator) is needed to determine finalized custom program content. Based on the information we collect and the information provided thus far, content will be discussed, customized and agreed upon.

Overcome the Change Barrier Positively and Successfully!

Doug will provide you with the following benefits:

Doug will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Meet with you (at least once) before the speaking engagement to ensure goals and objectives are aligned.
  • Provide help pre and post speaking engagement.
  • Provide personalized suggestions for you to implement pre and post-speech to improve the effectiveness of the keynote.
  • Provide your team with a professional experience.


Doug provides change management keynotes and workshops services that make a difference, The Dvorak Difference.

Doug’s keynotes are custom tailored and designed to bring the most value to your organization. Doug prides himself on being a professional who hits targets and does not miss deadlines. Doug’s keynotes and workshops are content rich and industry relevant, peppered with company orientated messages that carry value and fuel success.


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Doug has spoken to thousands of organizations around the world throughout his 15 year speaking career. Testimonial letters are available for upon request.


Doug is not all business, he graduated from The Players Workshop of the Second City. He has experience presenting as a corporate keynote speaker for the healthcare industry and as a humorous keynote speaker.


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