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In August of 2014, Motivational Speaker & Author Doug Dvorak was inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. This designation is a great recognition amongst Motivational Speakers. The award distinguishes the speaker that holds a level of quality and expertise that is second to none. Some other Motivational Speaker Hall of Famers include Zig Ziglar, Sephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Dale Carnegie.

Hall of Fame Motivational Spearker - Doug Dvorak

What Makes Doug a Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker?

Doug was recognized as a Hall of Famer because of his long track record of speaking to large companies, large groups and making his events memorable amongst upper management and the target audience. He has also written 9 outstanding books on Motivation, Sales and Marketing that have been recognized by major publishers and read by millions. Doug also carries certain charisma and attitude with him everywhere he goes that is hard to ignore. He demonstrates a high level of energy and positivity every time he engages with his clients, whether it is before, during or after his presentation or workshop. This alone has provided him with great opportunities as meeting planners and upper management often write him letters of recommendation and speak about his performances with their colleagues and friends.


Doug is a hall of fame motivational speaker that travels worldwide and nationwide to speak to companies and non-profits alike. He has been a motivational speaker in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Boston, New York, Malaysia, Singapore and a host of other countries and cities too long to list here. His professionalism and desire to achieve excellence help his messages and stories shine in every presentation. He has brought his messages on life, the workplace, sales, attitude and more to some of the largest companies in the world, a few being Sodexho, Cisco, IBM and Merrill Lynch. They have been well received and remembered for years after as he has been asked to come back for an encore presentation or program time and time again. However, he always pays it forward a few times a year, speaking to non-profits, youth groups and others free of charge.

Doug Before Motivational Keynote Presentation
Doug In Pre-Presentation Mode

Doug started his speaking career over 15 years ago, believing in himself and using his own methods to build his own brand. Now 15 years later he is extremely grateful and proud to hold the designation of a Motivational Speaker Hall of Famer, held by only 68 other people worldwide.

Call Doug at 847.241.4860 or email him at doug@dougdvorak.com to learn more about how he became a hall of fame motivational speaker or to hire him for your next event!


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