Why Funny Motivational Speakers Are So Effective

When you host an event, funny motivational speakers can be beneficial. They can help boost your event, whether your goal is to drive change, chase a new company goal or just motivate teams to increase and improve productivity. A very funny speaker is someone who can inspire and motivate an audience to change with some level of entertainment thrown into the mix. They’re effective at getting their message across for several reasons.

Funny Motivational Speakers Can Laugh at Themselves

A funny motivational speaker is comfortable telling stories about their own challenges and obstacles, no matter how silly they may seem. They can laugh at themselves as they relate what they have endured. Telling humorous stories is a powerful way to effectively connect with and motivate an audience.

Relating to Real Experiences

By being a very funny speaker, Doug Dvorak shares his own real stories of beating challenging situations. These relate to an audience better than describing an unbelievable feat of endurance. Humorous experiences an audience can relate to helps them connect to failures and successes and motivates change in their own lives.

Remembering Inspirational Stories

Speakers often use humor to teach a concept because people tend to remember funny stories longer. A funny motivational speaker gives an audience real information they are likely to remember for a longer time, ensuring it will be implemented on their own journey.

Positive Experiences

When a very funny speaker uses humor, it generates a positive experience for the audience. Once they leave, they will feel motivated, happy, upbeat and hopeful about their own situation. Funny motivational speakers deliver a message that will live on in the memory of the audience and give them a positive experience to relate back to.

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