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Doug Dvorak is a recognized speaker worldwide, but more specifically in the mid-west, as an Indianapolis Professional Motivational Speaker. Doug has also spoken in over 50 countries and in every state within the United States. He has been speaking professionally for the past two decades. He is a member of the NSA who holds the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, a designation held by only 11% of NSA members.


Mr. Dvorak’s goal is to motivate and interact with his audiences by sharing intimate stories, videos and other elements that get listeners to emotionally and physically engage with him. His process dictates a richer and deeper understanding of the messages of motivation, leadership and/or sales being conveyed. He works one-on-one with your meeting planners and/or C-level staff to ensure that all vital topics are covered in depth during the workshop/program or keynote speech at your Indianapolis event.

Indianapolis Sales Leadership Speaker

Doug learns what aspects of the group’s sales cycle need to be improved and prepares his Indianapolis sales speaker workshop/presentation accordingly. Filling the program with more of an essential topic and leaving out less of another less important topic. Doug customizes his sales programs so that your audience’s needs are emphasized in the form of solutions. This custom process provides your organization with more techniques, motivational ideas, processes where they need them most – your areas of pain are aided through Doug’s custom approach.


Doug always provides the training and advice for managers to help them improve techniques that to improve your sales process and bottom line. By ensuring all of your event requirements are met, everyone in the room leaves with a new tool, perspective or piece of information that will increase productivity, motivation and performance over the next week, month, quarter and year.


For more information on Doug’s sales programs visit – The Sales Coaching Institute. These programs include sales training, sales keynotes, sales management training, sales compensation consulting, one-on-one sales coaching, executive sales recruiting and more!

Indianapolis Leadership Speaker

Consider Doug Dvorak as a top Indianapolis leadership speaker or sales speaker for your next conference. Mr. Dvorak is also available for breakfast/lunch/dinner events, sales meetings, management conferences, corporate retreats, special events and breakout sessions. Doug is a Motivational Hall of Fame Speaker and is an Indianapolis Professional Motivational Speaker ready to motivate and train audiences at conferences and other events throughout Indiana. As a Certified Speaking Professional and a Hall of Fame Inductee – you can rest assured that Doug is one of the best Indianapolis Motivational Speaker candidates for your organization. Doug organizes and prepares well, arrives organized and prepared, gets involved on a deeper level than other Indianapolis motivational speakers and makes sure to stay in touch with follow up programs, books, phone calls and more.


Call Doug today, he will be happy to give you an hour of his time to answer questions, provide samples and informational materials and any other requested information to help you make your decision while hiring an Indianapolis keynote speaker for your next conference/event. You can reach Mr. Dvorak at 847.241.4860 or email him at

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