Benefits of Laughter Speakers

Whether you’re hosting a conference, business meeting or other event, attendees should have some fun while they’re learning. Laughter speakers can help energize and engage them. They will leave the event buzzing about how much fun it was, even though they were being presented important information. Chances are attendees will walk away with some new information to be applied immediately. A keynote laughter speaker can infuse an event with humor and make the transfer of information entertaining and effective. Here are four ways laughter speakers can help make an event successful.

  1. Provide a Strong Opening. The keynote laughter speaker sets the tone for an event. Someone who starts with heavy content and somber stories will lose attendee’s attention at the start. Humorous presentations set the tone and engage the audience.
  2. Provides a Much-Needed Break. People tend to like content, but if it’s too intense, they get bored and tune out. Providing them with a humorous break can be energizing and motivating.
  3. Big Finishes. People tend to remember best what happened last. Funny speakers can make sure the attendee’s last memory is of smiling, laughing and gaining ideas on how everything they just learned ties together.
  4. Bring Something Memorable. People collect business cards and take notes to help them remember who they have met. However, they automatically remember things that make them laugh. To make sure your conference lingers in the memories of attendees, use a keynote laughter speaker.
  5. Make Networking Easy. It’s easy for people to connect over humor. Laughing helps loosen them up so they are more likely to connect with one another. Good humor is also beneficial for creating talking points outside the meeting. Funny speakers help kick start networking at your event.

Laughter speakers can be an asset to have at all types of events. Doug Dvorak is an experienced speaker who can energize and engage attendees.

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