New Orleans Motivational Speaker


New Orleans Motivational Speaker

Doug Dvorak is one of the top New Orleans Motivational Speakers. Throughout his speaking career, Doug has reached over 1 million people with his motivational messages. Mr. Dvorak creates an atmosphere that is unique and specific to your organization. He does this by carefully studying your meeting needs, organization and industry while working closely with your meeting/event planner well before your meeting, event or conference.


As a professional motivational speaker in New Orleans, Doug has customized his motivational programs for Keynotes, Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Events, Recognition Ceremonies, Sales Meetings, Management Conferences, Corporate Retreats and other Special Events. All of his presentations are at least 45 minutes and can last as long as an entire weekend.

New Orleans Sales Speaker

Doug has brought advice, guidance and great charisma to his events as a Sales Speaker in New Orleans that help members of all sales teams respond positively and creatively during tough times. His sales keynote presentations are more than a seminar, they are an attitude adjustment!


His programs help individuals that need to develop a sturdier sales strategy/process and those who need to learn how to adjust their attitudes, and much more. Doug speaks on concentrating on differentiating yourself from the competition, developing a unique value proposition with ROI focus, maintaining customers and more.


His team building programs can also be a great way to help your sales team reduce conflict while developing greater levels of communication, heightened morale and better relationships.


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The Sales Coaching Institute. These programs include sales training, sales keynotes, sales management training, sales compensation consulting, one-on-one sales coaching, executive sales recruiting and more!

Some of Doug’s Speaking Client’s Include:

New Orleans Leadership Speaker

Mr. Dvorak is a first class leader, having been a sales executive, business owner and mentor to many other small business owners. His “Magic of Mentoring” and “Managing for Sales Success” programs are highly motivating and deliver insight on how to interact effectively as a leader with people. He provides special guidance for the sales managers on how to get the most out of their team.


Doug’s leadership programs and workshops focus on leadership development, succession planning, fostering innovation and a host of other vital management issues. The ultimate goal is to retain key talent, attract new talent, support business strategies, prepare for the future and remain competitive. Doug continues to deliver true value to organizations that leads to increased ROI as a top leadership speaker in New Orleans.


Call Doug to provide you with a free consultation regarding your next conference/event. He is the number one keynote speaker in New Orleans and can help you get the most out of your next conference/event.

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“Aligning Your Team for Results”

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