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Doug Dvorak - Motivational Speaker


Presented by Doug Dvorak

Speaker, Author, Consultant

This program is ideal for anyone with current or anticipated leadership responsibilities, ranging from high-level executives and managers; managers expecting to take on leadership roles, and those who are not in management positions but are expected to lead and influence others in the course of their work. This leadership program ties directly into optimizing your leadership and goal setting time and efforts to improve your levels of productivity.

Everything Starts & Stops with Leadership – Who, What, When, Where & How

Duration: Offered at different lenghths.


I define specific skills of proven leadership styles. I provide the audience with effective leadership tools that can be applied immediately, resulting in improved teamwork and employee productivity. The group will learn to identify the most common mistakes made by leaders to help them better understand how to avoid making those same mistakes again. I discuss specific strategies to overcome those challenges.


I show the audience how optimizing leadership and goal setting methods can improve productivity and remind the audience that having a clear Vision, Mission and Goals improve your own psychological well-being and ability to delegate tasks, perform tasks, and remain productive.


  • The program can be blended with motivation or humor. It can also be left alone and drive leadership in a very specific manner.
  • If I possible I will gather additional detailed information on your team and their team(s) beforehand to make the experience as impactful as possible

This experience will provide your leaders with new ideas and tips to improve performance that they can incorporate into their work and management styles immediately. I provide up to 2 follow-up conference calls with your leaders as needed so the concepts can be fully understood and implemented correctly.

Doug will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Meet with you (at least once) before the speaking engagement to ensure goals and objectives are aligned.
  • Provide help pre and post speaking engagement.
  • Provide personalized suggestions for you to implement pre and post-speech to improve the effectiveness of the keynote.
  • Provide your team with a professional leadership speaking experience.

Doug provides motivational leadership speaker services to the that make a difference, The Dvorak Difference.


Doug’s keynotes are custom tailored and designed to bring the most value to your organization. Doug prides himself on being a professional who hits targets and does not miss deadlines. Doug’s keynotes and workshops are content rich and industry relevant, peppered with company orientated messages that carry value and fuel success.


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Doug has presented hundreds of leadership keynote programs to organizations around the world. Testimonial letters and references are available for upon request.


Doug is not all business, he graduated from The Players Workshop of the Second City. He has experience presenting as a corporate keynote speaker for the healthcare industry and as a humorous keynote speaker.


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