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No other industry has had the greatest impact on the well-being of society, business, and the economic growth of our modern world than the information technology sectors. Arguably, since the turn of the new millennium, technological advances in medicine, transportation, manufacturing, media, and communication would not have been possible if it were not for the tried-and-true workforce behind the hardware, software and IT services that we rely on every day.


As a motivational keynote speaker for the information technology industry, Doug Dvorak understands the importance of maintaining a motivated team. Experience is a great teacher but the tuition is too high. Doug’s motivational speeches and compelling team-building workshops have helped to inspire several clients such as IBM, Eventra Software, and Boca Research. His keynote motivational speeches are designed to inspire companies and audiences to achieve personal and professional goals.


Doug knows the value of having a healthy and creative company culture that fuels and drive success. Doug understands the profound influence that leadership, humor, and effective communication has on the productivity and well-being of organizations and this can be vital to the developer community, software engineers, and scientists of the information technology industry.

Doug’s IT Keynote Speaking Clients

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Popular Information Technology Keynote Speaker Topics Include:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Balancing Stress
  • Improving Creativity
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Critical Team Skills
  • Sales Skills Training

Doug provides motivational keynote speaker services to the information technology industry that make a difference, The Dvorak Difference.

Aside from being a seasoned business professional and expert motivational keynote speaker, Doug knows a thing or two about punchlines and storytelling. He is a graduate of the world-renowned The Players Workshop of the Second City, Chicago’s official school of improvisational comedy. In addition, he is also a designated Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) one of the highest accreditation available to working professional speakers, nationally, and internationally.


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Doug is not all business, he graduated from The Players Workshop of the Second City. He has experience presenting as a corporate keynote speaker for the information technology industry and as a humorous keynote speaker.


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