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Quality Customer Service

The Power of Quality Customer Service

  • Feb 1, 2024

In his work as a motivational speaker and sales trainer, The Sales Coaching Institute’s principal Doug Dvorak travels somewhere almost every week. As a frequent flier, he has always made it a habit to fly United because it was convenient, and they were usually fairly reliable. That said, he would never have described himself as… Read More »

The Way of the Renaissance Person img

The Way of the Renaissance Person

  • Jan 18, 2024

A Renaissance person – also known as a polymath – is someone who is an expert in a wide array of areas and subjects. Examples of exceptional polymaths include Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Condoleezza Rice, Issac Newton and Oprah Winfrey. However, perhaps the most exceptional of them all was Leonardo Da Vinci. What distinguished Da… Read More »

Why we Procrastinate

Why we Procrastinate and How to Stop (Eventually)

  • Jan 10, 2024

Have you ever had an important task that needed to get done, but you just didn’t want to get started on it? Perhaps you are in school, and you have a paper you need to finish but you would rather play Call of Duty? Maybe you have some important paperwork to complete but you end… Read More »

The Man in the Arena

What It Means to be The Man In The Arena

  • Jan 4, 2024

In 1910, not long after he left the Oval Office, Teddy Roosevelt gave one of the most influential speeches in history at Sorbonne University in Paris titled Citizenship in a Republic. Within this speech lies an extremely influential passage referred to as The Man In The Arena: “It is not the critic who counts; not… Read More »


Why Pressure is a Privilege and How to Manage It ?

  • Dec 7, 2023

Billie Jean King is a former world No. 1 tennis player, a pioneer for women’s professional sports and an advocate for gender equality and social justice. Billie Jean knows a lot about pressure! To survive and thrive in her pressure-cooker of a life, King once said she believes: “Pressure is a privilege. It only comes… Read More »


How to heal your inner self

  • Dec 1, 2023

The human body – when compared to those of other animals – is very susceptible to being damaged. And while it does have an incredible ability to heal itself, sometimes it needs a little extra help. Many serious injuries and illnesses require – and receive – immediate medical intervention such as surgery or medication to… Read More »

The 10,000-Hour Rule and the Road to Success

  • Jun 19, 2023

Everyone intuitively understands that to become an expert at something like a sport, a musical instrument, selling, or surgery, it takes a lot of practice.   In fact, since Malcolm Gladwell’s groundbreaking book Outliers was published in 2008, the general consensus is that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to get anywhere near… Read More »

How to Conquer Your Fear of Confrontation

  • May 18, 2023

Do you often find it difficult to stand up to someone when they disrespect you? There’s nothing wrong with being quiet or introverted, but if you let people take advantage of you, it will take a toll on your mental health. Whether it’s from peers or strangers, there will come a point where you will… Read More »

Why You Should Try to Discover Yourself

  • Apr 28, 2023

In today’s world, with so much to worry about and everything moving at such a fast pace, it has become increasingly easy to lose oneself. This can cause you to feel like you need to conform to fit in and, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it shouldn’t be at the expense of what makes… Read More »

How to Discover Your Dream Job

  • Mar 31, 2023

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a job you hate. In fact, studies show job dissatisfaction can even impact your overall health by causing problems with sleep, anxiety, and depression.   There are many reasons why people stay in jobs they don’t like such as family responsibilities or health insurance. However, there’s no reason… Read More »


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