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7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Motivational, Sales or Leadership Speaker for Your Next Conference

When choosing the right speaker whether it is a motivational speaker, a sales speaker or a leadership speaker, you want him or her to deliver a motivating and encouraging message that will entertain your audience, but will ultimately “shake some things up” within your company or organization. They should reinforce your company or organizations overall message to your audience, while keeping them inspire after the presentation is over. This is no easy task and it will help to have some specifics as to what to look for when choosing the perfect speaker.

Say you are looking to put together three different conferences in Las Vegas, Portland, and Boston; and to make these conferences memorable to your audience you are looking for motivational, sales, and leadership speakers centrally located in those areas to cut costs, but you do not know what to look for. You do know that you specifically need a Las Vegas sales speaker, an Las Vegas motivational speaker, a keynote speaker in Las Vegas, a Boston sales speaker, Portland sales speaker, and a Portland motivational speaker. Let me break down seven different things to look for when choosing these speakers for your next conference.

When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker the seven things you should look for is: Credibility, inspiration, humbleness, someone who will give the highest level of success, their process for change, their ability to exemplify new perceptions, and what value can the speaker add.

  1. Credibility goes a long way in the speaking business. Having a person there that has been there and that can relate to the audience on a personal level, in terms of their experience with the subject at hand or the hardships that has made them become who they are is what you look for.
  2. Look for a speaker that is inspirational and will set fire to your audience internally causing an everlasting effect.
  3. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker look for humbleness, a speaker that will leave his ego at the door and recognize that it is not about them, but about the audience.
  4. Look for a speaker that has their own process for change that provides the audience with new ideas and tools to take with them to attain the goals that have been set for them as well as reach their own aspirations.
  5. Look for a speaker that possesses the ability to exemplify new perceptions. You should try your best to hire a speaker that will make the audience look at things in a different perspective, which give them a new outlook on life and their day to day tasks.
  6. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker, look for a speaker that can add value. Choose a speaker that can give you more than just speaking, and provide more value for your buck. Whether that a speaker that does workshops and/or training sessions throughout the day of your conference. Choose a speaker that can work through the skepticism of the audience and ultimately win them over.
  7. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker, look for a speaker that will give you definite success. Research past speaking engagements that your potential speaker has done, check their reviews, reach out to their references, to ensure that what you are trying to accomplish at you next conference will be accomplished.


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