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How Can You Pick Your Own Brain to Become Self Motivated?

Everyone has the ability to become self motivated. Increasing your motivation can be accomplished simply by thinking about it. After all, motivation is not just a psychological state, it is also biochemical. There are a few scientific tricks that can be used to increase your motivation. Simply pick your own brain on how to motivate yourself to become self motivated.


Self-Belief Causes Surges of Dopamine


The brain chemical dopamine is associated with reward and motivation. When you believe in yourself, it causes a dopamine surge. This in turn causes people to see themselves in a positive light. When people look at themselves in a positive light and believe in themselves, it can be a very powerful motivator. People that experience dopamine surges often relish new challenges and see themselves as being people that succeed. You can create a surge of dopamine in your brain by envisioning yourself in a positive and successful manner.


Remember Good Past Experiences


Even if you remember a task that made you feel unmotivated, you can turn the moment around by recalling a memory when the task was a positive experience. Remember when you enjoyed doing that same task so you can spark a positive emotion and increase your level of motivation. When you recall a good memory it increases your motivation to perform the activity again. A positive memory can help you achieve more when you keep it in mind.


Get Started to Keep Continuing


When you do not necessarily feel like completing a task it helps if you can get yourself started. Once you start something that you feel unmotivated to do, your brain will start producing dopamine simply because you are working at getting things done. If a task seems to be daunting, then start on a project or task that is tiny. Every time you achieve a task, dopamine is produced, no matter how small the task may be. The initial achievement gives you a boost and can help you achieve more progress until you finish. It is a way for your brain to receive positive feedback so you are motivated to keep achieving your goals.


View or Perform Tasks Differently


It has been proven that the more a person enjoys a task, the more likely they are to finish it. In order to finish activities that you may not enjoy, change how you view or perform them. You can figure out more ways to perform activities that are more fun and find that you are able to finish them with little hesitation.



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