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Crossing the Motivation Chasm – How to Build a Bridge Between Motivation & Success with These Simple Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting. It is something which everyone attempts to do, yet only a couple of people actually make it work. The challenge that most individuals face is dedicating themselves to the desired results they enjoy having. As soon as you start your journey to achieve your set goals, hurdles and obstacles arise, and that is where many people wind up quitting. Goal setting should be a part of your life that keeps you disciplined once you have made the decision to start. Here are some simple goal setting tips to make goal setting work well for you.


Decide What You Want To Accomplish

It’s the simplest part of goal setting. Ask yourself, “What is it I’d like to accomplish within a year?” A single year is an adequate amount of time to make a huge goal a reality. In order to make it easy on yourself, stick with just a few goals. Make sure that you don’t set them to low, push yourself.


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Break Down Your Strategy


After determining what you’d like to accomplish, it’ll get more challenging. Also, it’s the step in which most individuals fall off of the bandwagon. How are you prepared to make the goal a reality? You require concrete measures to reach your destination. Take notes of the necessary steps in your strategy. This will create a smooth-sailing process in reaching your goals. To get from point A to point B, you must know your route. The same concept will apply to goal setting. This is where you create a strategy that outlines the steps you need to complete in order to reach your goal.


Jot It Down


To fly from wishful thinking to really accomplishing your goals, write down all of your commitments. You must inform your brain that you’re serious in this endeavor by making it believe there’s a level of investment. Once you have invested time and effort into something you will dislike losing your investment. By jotting down your steps and goals, you’ll have clarity, yet also, you are telling the brain “See, it’s important to me, and I am investing in it; therefore, let us not drop the ball.”


Do Something Every Day That Brings You Closer To Achievement


one-step-closer-to-your-goal-quoteHow will you ensure that you’ll attain your goals? Work on them each day. No matter if it’s just 10 minutes or 2 hours. Working on your goals every day ensures that your goal stays at the top of your mind. Work on them every day, so it’s inevitable you’ll get what you desire. Utilize the compound effect within your favor; the earlier you begin, the bigger your changes become as time passes. The more time you spend moving toward your goals, the quicker you’ll accomplish them.


Follow these simple goal setting tips to help yourself achieve what you set out to achieve. By learning how to set goals and stick to them you are crossing the motivational chasm. Your motivation becomes legitimate dedication and sacrifice that will be met with success and happiness.



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