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Give More to Get More with Your Customers

I was traveling recently in Chicago and had the great occasion to have dinner with my cousin, whom I had not seen in a long while. She asked if I was up for Chinese, and I said sure! She recommended that we try New Star in Elmwood Park Illinois.  She mentioned that she used to eat here while she was in college. I’m always up for a new culinary experience.  Good thing I said yes! We walked in and every table but 2 were occupied. Nothing speaks better about the quality of a restaurant and their food than a full restaurant.


The friendly hostess greeted us and seated us quickly and within 60 seconds our smiling and enthusiastic waiter Ray introduced himself with a huge smile and immediately served up a hot towel for us to refresh ourselves.  I have eaten in many fine restaurants, but the guest experience at New Star was beyond excellent and memorable.


Observation 1:  Greet the customer with a smile and genuine enthusiasm and the table is set for a positive guest experience


Soon – within one minute, Ray was back. This time with some wonderful complimentary appetizers, pickled cabbage, cucumber salad in rice vinegar and some Chinese garlic rolls. A virtual feast in and of itself and we hadn’t yet ordered anything off the menu.


Observation 2:  Give the guest more than they asked for or expected and they will return as a repeat customer


Ray promptly returned with the menu’s, took the used towels and mentioned the evening specials and said, “please let me know if you have any questions. I will be back in a few minutes to take your order.”  He also indicated that the portions were very large. Ray promptly returned, took our order and the piping hot food was on our table in less than 15 minutes.


Ray was right; the portions were huge but more importantly delicious.


Observation 3:  Every guest touch point should be one of value and prompt and courtesy service.


If we follow the guest service golden rule and treat your guests how you would like to be treated and served, your guests will repurchase and evangelize for you.  Put the guest first and everything else will take care of itself.



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