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How to Coach Sales Reps On The Inside To Deliver Optimal Sales Outcomes On The Outside

Businesses need sales and every year, many are falling a little short. While it can be tempting to push your employees harder and harder, it may not be the best way to get the job done. In fact, exhausting your employees often results in fewer sales. Instead, you should consider being “right” on the inside while practicing sales coaching or mentoring. Do more for your employees or reward them so that they want to work harder, which leads to more sales. Learn how to coach sales reps on the inside to produce the results you want and need on the outside




Everyone needs to have goals, whether they are personal or business-related. However, it is important to get your employees to focus their goals towards business to help the company, themselves and you. Ask them frequently about their goals related to their job to find out how they differ from the objectives of the business and then help make positive suggestions, friendly reminders and changes where you see fit.


Work Smarter


Everyone has likely heard the term, “work smarter, not harder.” The saying means that you should use your head to create easier methods of accomplishing tasks. If you notice that people are doing things the hard way, talk to them about it! Suggest and/or brainstorm together more productive ways to go about the task. They’ll finish faster, which will ultimately make them more efficient and the company more money.




It is important to clearly see where your company is at the present, but also where it needs to be in the future. Your employees are part of that vision. It is your job to incorporate them into the future vision so they not only feel needed, but are needed. This will create a great sense of loyalty to you and the company. Loyal workers are hard working and dedicated!


Be The Example


As a professional sales coach, it is your job to ensure employees understand their tasks and know how to do them properly. This means you should set an example for them, showing them that hard work does prosper. If you go to work, play games on the computer and leave early, your employees will think it’s okay to do the same. Be the example that your employees want to live up to. Nothing creates better outcomes then a positive leader that walks the walk with their team, this sales coaching at its core.


Accountability & Trust


How to coach sales reps is not always about coaching, but about letting go and allowing them to learn to coach themselves. Make your sales force more accountable for their actions by giving them more respect and power to do things. Instead of having them ask a supervisor for every little thing, allow them to make some of their decisions, within reason. They will be more apt to do their best because they are responsible for the decision. This will also build a greater sense of trust between the employee and employer.


Whether you want to make more profits or create a better environment for your sales team. Consider the benefits of sales coaching for sales people. Visit to learn tricks and tips on how to coach sales reps. Or visit for a sales assessment that allows outside salespeople to grow within their career.



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