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Labor of Love

How To Find Your Labor of Love

To know if someone genuinely loves what they do, ask them if they would do it for free. A labor of love is something that is incredibly personal to each individual as it is something that they would do and enjoy doing, even if it is something they wouldn’t be paid to do.
This passion is usually predicated on someone’s interests and is pursued for a number of reasons from personal connection or continuing a legacy to a deep passion for the craft or simply because it is fun.
However, not everybody has found the thing that they are most passionate about or something that they are passionate enough about to dedicate themselves to it. This could also be for a number of reasons, but it really just means that they haven’t found their labor of love yet. There’s no time limit on this search and there are plenty of ways to carry it out. Read on to discover your passion and how to find your true labor of love.

Look Into Your Talents

This topic is rather similar to finding what you’re talented at and many of those same methodologies can apply, as we will see later on. Finding your passion can – and often does – lie in your talents. Perhaps you’re a good musician who will find a passion for writing music or you’re a good writer that aspires to write the next great American novel. Usually, looking into your talents and expressing them in the best way you can is the easiest way to find your labor of love,
However, this approach is sometimes unreliable as it can create a paradox. Sometimes, you can be incredibly talented in an area that you just don’t care about. Perhaps you find it uninteresting or boring. Perhaps it involves too much work for the reward, or you just don’t want to spend that much time on one thing.
That said, if you know what you’re talented at and are able to make a successful career out of it, it could well become your overriding life passion.

Look To Your Interests

Often the things that we are passionate about were originally things that merely piqued our interest. As we grow, we find things that we are drawn to and that we enjoy. Usually those things are simple pleasures, things that we do for fun or to relax. But, given the right set of circumstances, they can be something that plays a significant role in your life. That connection with an interest can make you want to do the same for others, like someone who loves film wanting to share the same wonder they felt in their own films.
You may not always be good at it, but those with a passion for something will be more willing to learn, put in the work and grow to love it even more.
However, this doesn’t just include. hobbies, activities, or things, but can include people. Sometimes you find passion in a job you hate or something you have no interest in, because it helps someone or interests someone that you love. While having both is great, sometimes the greatest labor of love is doing something that you hate for the people you love.

Look Outside Your Comfort Zone

Irish author and poet, James Stephens once said: “Curiosity will conquer fear more than bravery will” meaning the best way to find your labor of love is to be curious, get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Sure, you’ll probably have to work your way through a bunch of things you don’t enjoy but you may also discover a talent you never knew you had. This could lead to a new pursuit which in turn becomes a passion.
And, as the Romans used to say: “Fortune favors the brave.”


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