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Motivation + Discipline Equals Success for High School Students

High school students can face different challenges to meet their goals than children in elementary school. It can be difficult to stay focused and motivated to do well when there are other distractions demanding their attention. However teaching kids to stay motivated and use discipline to tackle their school work will help them find success as high school students.


Success, Motivation and Discipline


Motivation is the drive that keeps people focused on their goals. Everyone has their own personal motivator that allows them to want to do well. For some, motivation involves some sort of reward, for others it is feeling a sense of accomplishment. Discussing your teen’s dreams can help find a motivator that will provide them with the focus they need to succeed. Find out what they want to be when they graduate and help them take the path that is required to reach their dreams. Help them learn to visualize their life as a writer, engineer or lawyer and provide them with the tools they need to stay motivated. Provide them with information in their chosen industry, look for interests that might help them stay on track and encourage them to not give up. Teach them to use failure as a step in reaching their goals instead of something that will hold them back from reaching them. Support them, ask how they are managing and see if they need anything to continue to stay motivated.


Parents often make the mistake that teens must be disciplined with strict and unbending rules and punishments. However the discipline a teen needs is more about setting goals, understanding the steps required to achieve those goals and then following through with those steps. It is important to start teens on the right path of self discipline as soon as they begin high school. Provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Work with them to learn to use a calendar and help them see how important it is to balance their work load. Help them see how easy it is to set goals and how good it feels to check off items as they complete them. Let them find their own system if this seems to work better for them. Teach them the importance of follow through and check in with them to make sure they are getting their work done. Help them learn how to stay focused on their goals and remain on track with self discipline that will allow them to succeed beyond their high school years.

It is hard to hold back a person that is able to use motivation and discipline to keep them focused on their dreams. Helping your child see the importance of motivation and discipline will help them to succeed.


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