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Positive Thinking Keynote Program

Positive Thinking Keynote


Ever wish you could push a nitro button for your performance? You have arrived at your destination.


Some people always seem to be in high gear while others become stuck in the doldrums. This invigorating workshop will replenish the pep in your step. Being motivated can become a daily struggle. The motivation battle is compounded when you have to navigate around commuting stress, multiple priorities with varying deadlines, and a fast-paced lifestyle – all of which can crash your engine. Let Doug Dvorak, a motivational speaker and an expert on developing human potential, be your travel guide through a humorous and interactive presentation, which teaches how to arrive at goals by taking the positive route. You do not need to keep all arms and legs inside the moving vehicle: Audience participation is enthusiastically encouraged in a non-threatening manner.


Positive Thinking Keynote Program Goal:

Burnout is a major personal and professional risk associated with high-stress jobs. This workshop builds each participant’s skill in balancing the goals and stresses of work and life. To ensure that each audience member receives a hearty laugh, leaves with a positive attitude, and experiences navigating daily life from the optimistic lane, Doug Dvorak makes positivity the focus and reminds his audience that laughter equals longevity and psychological well-being.


Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Create and project positive motivational vision and values
  • Be more intentional and strategic in positive thinking, as opposed to relying on intuition alone
  • Serve as a source of optimism and enthusiasm while eliciting excellence and innovation
  • Provide the resources and support to encourage positive thinking
  • Recognize ways to think positively under a variety of conditions/circumstances
  • Think positively and remain motivated during times of change including crises
  • Create an effective leadership team
  • Five Essential Facets of Dynamic Motivation & Positive Thinking
  • Create the vision
  • Consistently communicate an inspirational vision
  • Initiate and implement change to meet goals
  • Sustain the momentum – Motivate the audience
  • Execute strategies, actions needed to create and sustain positive thinking


The program content will be customized for your event, including relevant industry and company data.

We look forward to working and laughing with you and your organization.

Presentation Style:

The program will be upbeat with the right blend of motivation and the message you want your group to internalize.

If you are interested in this program visit my website, I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your team. This is an impactful, fun and educational experience. I have delivered this program to over 20 companies including Subway, Intel & Cisco, to name a few.



Doug Dvorak,

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As a seasoned Motivational Speaker, I understand the pivotal role required in making your event a success.


Here’s what I deliver as your Professional Master of Ceremonies/Keynote Speaker:

  • Speak and entertain as required
  • Facilitate program flow and timeliness
  • Create customized, content-rich material
  • Connect the group to your overall meeting objectives
  • Manage all contingencies




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