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September 25, 2014 – Chicago, IL ~ Doug Dvorak, Professional Motivational, Leadership and Sales Speaker

Motivational Speakers often travel nationwide to speak and motivate groups of people. However, many speak only within the city or state that they reside in. Choosing to work with a well-traveled professional speaker can be a great way to insure you have chosen a well-practiced expert.

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Doug has traveled to over 100 countries and almost every state in the United States. He continues to travel worldwide and nationwide to spread his encouraging messages. Doug speaks as a Chicago and Las Vegas Professional Motivational Speaker, but also provides Indianapolis leadership speaker programs that carry more weight than most Indianapolis Motivational Speakers Has also been fortunate enough to perform as leadership speaker in Boston, San Diego and Indianapolis. He has also provided inspiring messages in Georgia as an Atlanta Motivational Speaker for sales and team building. He is one of Americas top keynote speakers because of his practiced profession, speaking nearly 100 times per year.

Having been well traveled and reached over 1 million people with his ideas and stories, he is dependable and ensures to bring your event, meeting or conference to life. While building strong relationships with his clients before his presentations he studies the company to identify strengths and weaknesses. Driving messages with specific examples and comparable stories to both the strengths and weaknesses during his speeches make his messages particularly impactful.

Doug can be reached via phone at 847.359.6969 or by email at 847.359.6969 to provide you with a free 1-hour consultation and information for your upcoming meeting, event or conference. His customized programs consist of workshops and keynote speeches on sales, leadership, mentoring, creativity, motivation, customer service and more.


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