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A lot of times people are very good at thinking about what they want to do, but actually very bad at getting to the point where they start or finish a goal. They seem to be missing a very important aspect that plays a major role in completing a goal, motivation. Motivation in part is how a person relates to a goal and the outcome of finishing or dropping that goal altogether. If you do not feel motivated to complete a goal, then it is simple, you will not complete it. If there is a spark of motivation then you have something to build off of. The journey of motivation starts one step at a time.


Feelings Are Behind Motivation


While on the journey to learn more about becoming more motivated, you will learn that emotions structure how people feel about goals, and how well they meet them. Feelings are impossible to fight. When you try to fight them it simply just makes them stronger. How does this effect motivation? Emotions are an important part of completing a goal. When you focus on your emotions, you can use them to execute a change in your life or business. This also goes for employees, you can make them feel something and encourage them to complete a goal based on this type of motivation. An important phrase that is imperative to building motivation is, understanding that we are required to think in order to plan, and we must feel in order to act.


Become Positive to Increase Your Motivation


Being in a bad mood leads to procrastination. If you want to become more motivated in your daily life, then try becoming more positive. When you are happier, your productivity is increased, the opposite effect happens when you are upset or sad. Becoming happier involves looking at life in a more positive manner. Bad situations can have a purpose too. Therefore becoming more motivated involves being able to see something good in bad situations.


Rewards Motivate You


Setting realistic goals to increase motivation should come with simple rewards that make you feel good. The more you feel good about a completed task or goal, the more likely you are to set more tasks and goals that will only increase your motivation even more. Studies have shown that people that reward themselves are more likely to set more tasks for themselves and complete them successfully.


Doug Dvorak CSP, understands that the journey of motivation starts one step at a time. Utilize his motivational speaking talents at your next meeting or seminar and create a positive source for self-growth.


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