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Take Steps to Stop Making Excuses

Motivational equals No Excuses, Just Success

“I’d love to but…”  Have you used this line a time or two before to get out of something that you would rather not be doing?  We are all guilty of doing this, however I think it can be agreed that when it is done in return to us, we can feel unimportant.  Even more so, when we make excuses for production that you output at work can add to how effective your work is.  So it is time to start facing this reality and realize that we need to stop making excuses.

To stop making excuses, it is going to take time and you must be aware may never fully stop making them.  Here are some tips to help you on your journey to stop making excuses:

  • Realize when you are making an excuse
  • Setting goals to manage your time better

Realize when you are making an Excuse

One goal that you could work toward in your journey to stop making excuses should be to realize when you are making them.  Making excuses comes as second nature to protect ourselves whenever things don’t go as planned.  By making yourself aware that you are actually making excuses rather than tackling the problem, you can begin to work on prioritizing the importance of the duties ahead of you.

Learn to redirect yourself and know that when you are about to make an excuse that this is something that you need to add to your list of things to begin working on now.  Time management is very important no matter what your profession, at work and at home as well.

Setting Goals to Manage Your Time Better

You know what is most important to you right now, whether it be at home, work, or personal life.  Rank what you want to get done first and add things into the list as time goes on in the order that they fall.  Be sure to cross off the things that you have completed as well and give yourself a pat on the back for things that you completed before your goal time.  This will also allow extra time to complete the next thing on your list!

The biggest that you can do to prepare for your future of not making excuses is:  set goals for yourself in your accomplishments at work, home, and social life so that you are able to complete them all within a realistic amount of time and don’t fall back to making excuses for everything.  You will be begin to realize that you are not only getting more done, but you should become less stressed and other around you should be happier too!


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