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10 Commandments Of World-Class Customer Service

Your company must be different from all other businesses in one way or another, but many of the same commandments for servicing your customers. You’ll sell different things and employ different beliefs, but 10 things should remain similar for world-class customer service.



You must have clear visions, values and missions (goals) for your organization to follow. This will help them learn what they can do to help your customers in such a way that is consistent with your organization across the board.


Internal Culture

The next step to creating world-class customer service is to attract the best talent, hire them and retain them. Retain them by first making sure they are a good fit for your culture before hiring and then use financial incentives and provide opportunities for growth. Without such, you can’t follow through with the rest of the commandments.



Everyone must be held to the same standard. They may come from different backgrounds or have different skills, but they must work together to provide a consistent experience for the customer. When setting standards, it is crucial that you maintain these standards by employing accountability. However, you must also show that you trust your employee’s so that they feel free to make decisions and blossom as an individual within your organization.


Use Customer Intelligence

Personalizing the customer’s experience is necessary. For example, figure out their first name and use it frequently. You can use this in emails, postcards, videos and in person. Learn more about them so you can engage them and anticipate their wants/needs. Learn more than you need to know, even if it is not important to you, it will make your customer feel appreciated and valued which is one of the most basic human needs.



Your staff must be trained thoroughly to handle any situation. Do not rely on their knowledge from past experiences. Tell them exactly what you want from them at the beginning and give them the tools, information and resources needed to help them achieve company goals.



Make sure that when people have ideas that could benefit the company, you listen and try to implement as many as possible. Employees have a lot of experience and you can use it to help you. Try implementing brainstorming sessions to get the most out of your employee’s ideas!


No Risk

No customer should be harmed while trying to use a product or service. Make sure there is zero risk involved by ensuring quality control. This can help save you money and time trying to recover from lawsuits or a damaged reputation.



Determine what customers want/need from you and create ways to go above and beyond with every single call. You should implement a value added culture that always provides value beyond what is ordered/expected. Your customers will love you for this and they will become loyal to you and your company, ensuring future success.



Measure your customer’s experience by using surveys and incentives. Determine what research will benefit your company in the long run. Then determine how you can implement short-term exercises to ensure your long term goal is being met. By doing this type of research you are giving yourself a good chance of staying in front of your competition and resolving customer service problems before they become customer losses.



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