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Customer Service Excellence Workshop Sneak Peak – Creating A Customer Centric Culture

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture Customer Service Excellence Workshop.


I provide customer service excellence workshops and keynote presentations to businesses and organizations around the world. My customer service programs are designed to provide my audiences with key learning objectives based on customer service best practices.

Customer Service Excellence Workshop

Program Description:

Imagine an organization where all your employees are confident, self-sufficient and motivated. Your company’s turnover is at an all-time low, as are customer complaints. Word on the street is that your company offers the benchmark for customer service in your industry, and your competitors are seeing red as their customers jump ship and swim your way. With “Creating a Customer-Centric Culture”, a powerful new customer excellence program, you don’t have to imagine anymore. You can make your dream world a reality!

What you will learn:

  • This training program leads to customer service consistency. Your customers are your business.
  • They write your paychecks — and those of your employees. Even the briefest customer interaction affects your bottom line.
  • We show you how to win customers over by treating them well and retain them by keeping them happy, while maintaining your competitive advantage — excellent customer service — with across-the-board consistency.
  • We use dramatizations of real-world customer service situations to keep the training interesting, relevant and fun.

Bottom-line benefits of “Creating a Customer-Centric Culture” include:

  • Leads to higher employee productivity and profits
  • Increases employee retention
  • Creates consistency of service throughout your company
  • Fits into any schedule – no matter how hectic

Benefits to attendees:

Increases the confidence and competence of your employees Boosts self-esteem and morale Skills are transferable to other areas of work or life Learning is customized to the needs of the organization and individual and thus, non-threatening and more effective


  • Half-day abridged version is delivered in a 3-4 hour format.
  • Complete version may be delivered in a 6-8 hour format.
  • Customized 60 Minute Keynote Presentation


Thank you for your interest in my Customer Service Excellence Workshop.


Doug Dvorak


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