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4 Hard Truths of Motivation

Understand The Hard Truths of Motivation

For most people, motivation can seem like a big secret that only a handful of people know about. The fact is that there aren’t any secrets, just hard truths when it comes to motivation. Motivation can be an elusive concept for most people. For some, motivation comes easily and they’re able to find the motivation to building an empire worth millions of dollars from humble beginnings, while others have a hard time getting out of bed or even going outside.


Motivation is the psychological state of being that influences your daily life, but it only works if you allow it to do so. Motivation can be the reason you act the way you do or behave in certain ways. Many times, people use their lack of motivation as their excuse for not accomplishing their goals or doing what they should. Regardless of your feelings towards motivation, there are hard truths about motivation that you should understand. Here are 4 hard truths of motivation to keep in mind.


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1) You Can’t Wait For Motivation To Just Happen

For most people, motivation is actually an afterthought for most instances in life. If you find yourself waiting to “feel motivated” you’ll likely never get anything done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to get motivated if you just can’t seem to get anything done or don’t want to.


A hard truth of motivation is that it could be depression or fear. Try to push through these issues by taking on small tasks that might seem inconsequential right now. Even the act of getting up to use the restroom when you don’t want to move is motivation. Over time, these small acts and tasks lead you to bigger and better ones. Learning to celebrate small wins can help you to overcome roadblocks that prevent you from achieving great things in your life.


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2) Motivation is a Choice

The hard truth about motivation is that it’s your choice to have it or not. You can always choose to do or not do something. You choose how to behave, think, or feel in any moment. You choose to get stuff done, accomplish tasks, or think about negatively instead of positively. It’s not easy to realize that you have the power to do it all or nothing because of one simple choice, but the fact still remains that no one can motivate you if you’re unwilling.


3) Making Real Change is Hard

You have to stay committed to your goals and have faith in the fact that your future is going to be ok. With that in mind, one of the hard truths of motivation is that accepting change can sometimes be emotionally painful. Having mixed feelings about whether things are going to be ok is acceptable and completely normal. The trick is to anticipate and plan for these emotional challenges. You must accept the fact that change is a process and that nothing comes overnight.

4) Your Habits Will Make or Break You

Setting good habits that stick is crucial for achieving success in life. Habits shape our lives. Good habits create the structure we need to accomplish our goals. It should be no surprise that motivation comes from consistently sticking to good habits. If you have good habits that allow you to show up to get the job done every single time whether you like it or not than you don’t have to wait around to feel ‘motivated’.

habits-goalsMotivation is a fascinating concept that we all strive to obtain and maintain. The hard truth of motivation is that it ebbs and flows. At its height, motivation can either help you to solve tremendous problems obstacles or cripple you into procrastination and complacency. By cultivating consistency, rituals, and perseverance, we learn to accept the hard truths of motivation and overcome life’s greatest challenges.

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