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A Sneak Peak Into My Motivational Leadership Keynote Speaker Program

  • Everything Starts and Stops With Leadership

    Leadership Strategies That Work For You



Here is a brief look into one of my Leadership Keynote Speaker programs.


How to succeed in business–Just count the ways…

Forget tough. Today, competition is fierce! It takes more to succeed in business than just having a smart competitive strategy, good reputation, and a top-notch product or service. In reality, a company’s human capital holds the key to sustainable, long-term growth. Businesses don’t do business–people do. They create the force that ensures an organization’s successful future. These individuals hold the solutions to problems, the ways to improve productivity, the creativity to enhance products and services, and the insight that the company needs to move forward.

These goals become a reality if dynamic leadership is displayed and every executive and manager treats their employees as well as they treat their most important customers. Smart business owners and managers know that without the full support of their employees, no initiative can succeed, nor can any individual leader achieve their goals.


Who Should Attend

The Everything Starts and Stops With Leadership, leadership program is ideal for anyone with current or anticipated leadership responsibilities, ranging from high-level executives and managers; managers expecting to take on leadership roles; and those who are not in management positions but are expected to lead and influence others in the course of their work.


Leadership Keynote Program Description:

How to be an Exceptional Leader

Doug defines specific skills of proven leadership styles. He provides his audience with effective leadership tools that can be applied immediately, resulting in improved teamwork and employee productivity. Doug identifies the most common mistakes made by leaders to help his audience understand possible mistakes they may be making. He also discusses strategies to overcome those challenges. His presentation shows the audience that leadership skills are enhanced through an understanding of personal needs, strengths and internal/external motivators.

I make positivity the focus and remind the audience that having a clear Vision, Mission and Goals improves your own psychological well-being and ability to delegate tasks, perform tasks, and remain productive.


Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Approach leadership with a strategy
  • Clarify common leadership mistakes
  • Recognize ways to lead effectively under a variety of conditions/circumstances
  • Lead when it counts! During times of change including crises
  • Create an effective team culture through encouragement
  • Five Essential Facets of Dynamic Leadership
  • Leadership strategies for immediate implementation
  • Initiate and implement change to lead more effectively
  • Learn to motivate your team
  • Sustain the momentum
  • Create the vision
  • How to become more influential as a leader
  • Understand the value and importance of goals in creating a more balanced work life.
  • Learn how to set goals that help accomplish your larger strategy
  • Understand how goals (not deadlines) can motivate you and your team.

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