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Mentoring & Motivating Managers – 3 Strategies To Improve Engagement & Performance

Your company should be a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly no matter what. However, most business owners know and understand that it won’t be like that, most of the time. However, there are ways that you can motivate and mentor your managers to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, even when faced with a crisis. Understanding the three primary strategies involved to improve engagement and performance of managers and employees will help ensure that your team is ready for anything.


Communication and Sharing

The primary goal is for your managers to be able to share and communicate effectively with everyone on your team, all of the time. Employees want to be part of your future and should understand what excellence looks like for you and them. That means that your managers and supervisors must be able to communicate with their superiors in open communication, but it also means that supervisors have to be available to discuss employee problems when they arise. Training will help the manager learn better communication skills, but it will also help them learn how to delegate tasks and be an excellent leader, which is what employees need.


Sharing information about the company is the best way to motivate others and get them to become more engaged and give it their all. When managers know what’s going on and how their job matters. Keeping them informed helps them feel appreciated and united and increases their willingness to help the company.


Promote Ethics/Values

Every company has a mission statement, core values and a code of ethics. Helping your supervisors and employees understand what those are and actively promoting them will ensure that you have an excellent reputation from the standpoint of the workers and the customers. Supervisors need to know that they are doing the right things, and employees want to trust their leaders.


Positive Feedback

Teaching a manager to give positive feedback is important. Most supervisors show most of their interest in the numbers. However, looking at the numbers doesn’t solve anything and may make the employee feel like the manager is distant and disconnected from the day to day activities to achieve those numbers. Managers should give positive feedback, even when targets aren’t hit. You may want to consider a motivating seminar or a coaching course for your supervisors and employees to help everyone understand the goals.


Learning about the three strategies to improve engagement and performance of managers will ensure that they are motivated and ready to go. Click here to visit Doug Dvorak’s website to learn more.




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