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Are You a Motivational MVP – Most Vital Player?

Being a Motivational MVP – Most Vital Player is a tough but rewarding position.

Ask yourself, are you a motivated person? If not, you have work to do to become a Motivational MVP so read on. If you are a motivated person, you always know there is more to learn about how you can become an MVP.

The Super Bowl, The Word Series, The Stanley Cup and The NBA Finals each of these famous and storied sports competitions elects an MVP – Most Valuable Player.  The one chosen demonstrates stellar sporting abilities and team leadership skill and is highly motivated to WIN!

Are you motivated to succeed and WIN in life and business?  Being your own MVP – Most Vital Player and taking your “Game” to the next level will deliver results in all areas of your life.  Here are 3 steps to live and practice daily to become and maintain MVP Status.


  • What’s the Goal?What's Your Goal?

What area of your life do you want to impact and change? There are really only 4 areas to focus on for a well-lived life. Personal, professional, family and spiritual.  Ask yourself where do you want to affect positive change?

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“Plan Your Motivational Work and Work Your Motivational Plan”.


A ship on the high seas without a rudder is directionless.  Having a motivational attitude without a detailed plan of action can keep you “rudderless” and moving in the wrong direction. Plan as intensely to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.  Hold yourself accountable and realize and recognize that there will be both positive and negative outcomes if you achieve or don’t achieve your goals. Because remember, talk without action is just wind.


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  • Monitor and keep track of your progress.

There is an age old adage in the motivation game that states, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed or tracked”.  Keep a daily motivation journal.  Write down your progress, wins, and losses.  Hold yourself accountable for your own success.


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If you personally commit to incorporating these 3 time-tested and proved motivational strategies, you will be your own MVP – Most Vital Player.


Carpe Diem!


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