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It’s all About Goals, Not Deadlines.

Which Is More Important: The Goal or a Deadline?


When you have your own business it can be difficult Set Goalsunderstanding the difference between a goal that is set for yourself and your employees, and a deadline. Of course a deadline usually involves clients and the need to make sure you are providing great services. But of the two, which is more important? Deadlines tend to carry a serious amount of stress for people. When goals are set in lieu of deadlines, there is a more positive outcome and feeling to the entire endeavour. As a business owner you can set more goals for your employees with a few rules that will help your employees succeed and work harder for you.


Set Clear and Obtainable Goals


As an employer it is important that you keep employee morale at a higher level. It has been proven that employees work harder for their employer when they feel useful and have adequate goals set for them. This can include goals that require task completion at the end of the day, or projects that require months of attention. The idea is to set a direction and focus on goals that will help your company succeed. Employers can set goals so they feel more in control of their company’s direction too. Of course setting goals is a great idea, but setting goals that are reasonable is imperative. Some goals can take a lot of hard work in order to reach them, and every goal set is going to be different and carry varying accolades.


Set Goals That Motivate


Employers need to make sure that their staff feels motivated to complete goals. This is very important or reaching a goal can be a burdensome task that is never completed. If there is little to no interest in the outcome, the goal itself becomes irrelevant. Work goals should be set that relate to priorities that are important to the company’s success. Give employees enough time to reach goals and they will commit to them with more faith and positive attributes. In order to make goals a focus for your employees, you may even want to invite a motivation a speaker to lead a meeting for them.


Make a Goal Action Plan


In order to assist your employees when it comes to seeing the entire goal and completion of it, you should set an action plan. This outlines exactly what is expected with a soft time frame of when smaller goals are to be met in order to complete a larger goal. Making an action plan for long term goals is perfect and helps you and your employees stick with it. A goal, and setting it, is an activity that is perpetually on-going. You can keep yourself and your staff on track by making time for meetings or reviews so you can review the completion of goals.


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