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How to Discover and Focus on Your Talents

Categories Business Coaching
  • Aug 24, 2023

Everyone has the potential to be exceptional at something. In most cases, it’s something that comes naturally like sports, art, music, or a skill like carpentry.   However, there are some who think they aren’t talented in any way and believe they pale in comparison to more gifted people. Thankfully, it is more likely they… Read More »


The Struggles and Triumphs of a Serial Entrepreneur

Categories Business Coaching
  • Aug 9, 2023

Being a serial entrepreneur is one of the most taxing career paths anyone can pursue. Don’t think for a second that owning and running multiple businesses at once is anything other than a stressful grind. If you have more than one business, you know the plethora of challenges that can crop up at any given… Read More »


Invest Your Time in Happiness

Categories Business Coaching
  • Jul 31, 2023

Work smarter, not harder. It’s a common mantra that many people use as they strive to optimize their professional performance while still having a healthy work-life balance.   A more technical term for this approach is Return on Time Invested (ROTI). It’s the practice of performing a task in the most effective way possible using… Read More »


Things to Abandon for a Better Life

Categories Business Coaching
  • Jul 19, 2023

Life is too short to spend it unhappily. Making the most out of the life you have will take a lot of work, time, and self-reflection. There are many things in life that weigh us down, some of which we don’t know how to solve and even consciously recognize until they are pointed out. There… Read More »


Develop a Stronger Work Ethic in Five Steps

Categories Business Coaching
  • Jun 30, 2023

Having a strong work ethic is an essential part of being successful in any business. It can help you reach your goals and become someone that both your coworkers and superiors depend on to get things done. However, it can be incredibly difficult to develop the motivation to work hard. Building up the discipline to… Read More »

The 10,000-Hour Rule and the Road to Success

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  • Jun 19, 2023

Everyone intuitively understands that to become an expert at something like a sport, a musical instrument, selling, or surgery, it takes a lot of practice.   In fact, since Malcolm Gladwell’s groundbreaking book Outliers was published in 2008, the general consensus is that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to get anywhere near… Read More »

How to Conquer Your Fear of Confrontation

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  • May 18, 2023

Do you often find it difficult to stand up to someone when they disrespect you? There’s nothing wrong with being quiet or introverted, but if you let people take advantage of you, it will take a toll on your mental health. Whether it’s from peers or strangers, there will come a point where you will… Read More »

Why You Should Try to Discover Yourself

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  • Apr 28, 2023

In today’s world, with so much to worry about and everything moving at such a fast pace, it has become increasingly easy to lose oneself. This can cause you to feel like you need to conform to fit in and, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it shouldn’t be at the expense of what makes… Read More »


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