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How a Motivational Speaker Can Impact Your Business and Employee Productivity

  • Aug 27, 2015

Motivation is the key to being successful and remaining successful throughout the journey of life. However, motivation has the tendency to dissipate if not maintained and worked for accordingly. Stimulation comes from within, but also from our surrounding environments so as a business owner; one thing that you and everyone else managing your company should… Read More »


8 Motivational Quotes That Changed My Life and Improved my Business

  • Aug 17, 2015

Ask any successful salesman or business owner for advice and there is a good chance they will quote one of their favorite motivators. Most people who share drive and success also share common heroes, mentors and motivators to whom they attribute their success. Dale Carnegie: “The unvarnished truth is that almost all the people you meet… Read More »


What To Do When You Fail

  • Aug 11, 2015

They say that if you fail it is best to learn from your failure and move on. However for many people failure can eat away at confidence and cast doubt on ability. Failure is a part of life and is one of those “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” kind of things. Here are… Read More »


Catch the Curve Balls Life Throws at You – How to Stay Confident and Motivated

  • Aug 3, 2015

The key to becoming successful in life is to stay motivated. Sometimes this can be difficult since life tends to throw curve balls. Just when you think everything is going your way, you get blind-sided by a complication that slows you down or forces you to change directions. The same goes for just feeling uninspired… Read More »

I Deserve to be Motivated

  • Jul 28, 2015

Yes, Even You Are Worthy of Motivation   Part of the reason people lack motivation is because they hold the idea that they do not deserve to be motivated. Everyone deserves to be motivated. Motivation is what changes lives for the better. No one deserves to be stuck in a rut, to feel pain, guilt,… Read More »


What Will Your Life Be Like in 1 Year – Personal Goal Setting

  • Jul 20, 2015

  Part of personal goal setting is envisioning where you want to be at certain stages of your life. The one year mark might not seem significant, but in the business world it marks a milestone of one more year added to your experience. Learning to have a good idea of what your life will… Read More »


How to Choose the Right Motivational Keynote Speaker

  • Jul 13, 2015

Choosing the right motivational keynote speaker for your event is critical to a successful event! Your event took a lot of time and effort to put together and deserves a quality keynote speaker! Follow these steps to help you pick an all-star speaker!   Start your search by researching speakers through the Internet. Google speakers and include the… Read More »

Reinvent Yourself

How to Reinvent Yourself with Positive Thinking

  • Jul 6, 2015

Sometimes it can seem completely impossible to imagine that just by changing your mindset you can change your life. However when you look at any person, or even any career, positive thinking does wonders in helping people succeed. Here are some tips to help you reinvent yourself with positive thinking and possibility thinking. The Little… Read More »

Portland Motivational Speaker – Doug Dvorak in Portland OR

  • Jul 2, 2015

Doug Dvorak has presented several motivational speeches in Portland Oregon over the past few years. He gave a very well-received talk to the Oregon Water Works Association. This was a 60-minute motivational keynote on leadership. It was a mildly interactive presentation with bits of video. It was a great learning environment, the energy levels were… Read More »


The Mental Approach to Positive Thinking

  • Jul 1, 2015

Positive thinking is a choice. For some people it comes naturally, for others it takes changing a negative mind-set and being mindful of actions and reactions. Being positive is also a way of life that helps you to look on the bright side of things with the expectation of positive results. Positive people look for… Read More »


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