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How to Choose the Right Motivational Keynote Speaker

Choosing the right motivational keynote speaker for your event is critical to a successful event! Your event took a lot of time and effort to put together and deserves a quality keynote speaker! Follow these steps to help you pick an all-star speaker!


  • Start your search by researching speakers through the Internet. Google speakers and include the specific category that you are in need of. Example: If you are looking for a keynote speaker on leadership for an annual business summit try using the search term, Leadership Keynote Speaker.
  • Now don’t limit yourself to the first page of results. Search through the first few pages of Google or Bing and click on the websites of individual speakers that show up for that search term (not data aggregating websites). Copy and paste these websites into a word document.
  • Now that you have built a list of about 6 speakers with their websites, its time to dig into the website content to find out what speakers will be the best fit for your event.
  • If you have a budget you need to stay within, assume that a speaker will consider speaking at your event for $3,000 (your budget) even if a speakers fee is $5,000. Many speakers will negotiate their fee at least by 10% and the worst that can happen is a simple no.
  • Look for the about page for that speaker and find out his/her credentials, do they have any credentials that would give them authority on the topic(s) to be presented at your event.
  • Look for the speakers that provide clear programs on your desired topic. Also, make sure that they provide the option to customize your program through pre-program meetings/phone calls.
  • Look for speakers that have videos, this will give you the best idea as to whether or not the speakers personality and overall stage presence will be a good match for your event and audience.
  • If you can find a motivational keynote speaker near your events location with the right program, stage presence, price and credentials. This might give you a little more room in your budget due to lower travel costs.
  • Once you have found your speaker it is time to make the connection. Always have a back up speaker in mind in case your chosen speaker is already booked or cannot make it for some other reason.
  • Finally, follow your instincts! You are the judge and you have the decision-making authority. If something doesn’t seem right, move on!


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