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Collaboration Between the Client and Their Motivational Speaker

Collaboration Between Client & SpeakerIn order to capture your audience you must first capture your client. Building a relationship with your client will be key to having an extra-ordinary event. If your relationship with your client is strong, they in turn will spread that captivity along to the participants (audience) giving you great recognition and an identity among your attendees before even meeting and presenting to them. In addition, collaborating with the client allows one to provide key information to your speakers, which will allow them in turn to study and get to know your audience strengths and weaknesses. Great communication leads to easy to find, but crucial to touch upon focus points that makes your event that much more impactful. Your audience will be able to relate to the speakers because your speakers will have built their presentation around the knowledge of your audience.

In addition, to building a relationship, collaboration allows one to work as a single team. The client should always be deeply involved in the speakers’ preparation, whether it is a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, or a keynote speaker, it will help avoid any misunderstandings and miscommunications. With trust fostering through communication, one can ensure that both on the same page and have the same overall mission, which is to be impactful, motivate, encourage, and deliver exemplifying new perceptions. This alone will make your next event more powerful and influential. Once the audience sees the togetherness of the people involved and how the event is structured around them as individuals and as a team, they will be talking about it for months to come.

Choose speakers who start to deliver excellence before they appear on your stage, speakers who inspire you while you are working on the tedious details, who are clear on what tools they need in order to motivate and inspire your attendees and have incredible content. What is also important when choosing your speaker, it is not just what they do on your stage, but how they make your attendees feel from that platform and later, off that stage. Are your speakers willing to engage the attendees post presentation in a non commercial, supportive, energizing manner that makes you the true hero of the event for demonstrating great vision, leadership and lasting inspiration? This is why corporations and associations are bringing Doug Dvorak to their stages.

Doug Dvorak is a professional speaker that has worked closely with meeting and event planners for years to figure out how to best impact events and conferences positively.


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