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Learn Secrets to Overcome Negativity and Boost Your Levels of Motivation

It is common for people to hit a negative slump. Learn 3 secrets to overcome negativity and boost your motivational levels. The key is to keep from letting the negativity take over your life. When life seems like it is a constant up-hill battle, giving up may seem like the only solution. In reality, you can take control of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This includes, negative habits that have become second nature. You may not even realize you have negative habits until you examine your life and thought process.

Change Your Mindset

  1. Understand and Identify Negative Habits and Emotions


Before you can do anything about a negative habit or emotion you must be able to identify them. They can be behaviors that are engaged in every day. Negative habits and behavior can damage careers and personal lives. Such habits include being late to engagements and meetings, gossiping, being defensive, engaging in personal sabotage, seeking too much attention, making rash choices, resisting change, and being a perfectionist. Some of these habits can be good given the context in which they are performed. Being aware of these habits requires being aware of your cognitive script, otherwise known as the automatic thoughts that enter your brain during many different types of situations. An unconscious thought is ingrained through past experiences, so it can be difficult to catch yourself when engaging in a deeply rooted behavior. Breaking negative habits and curtailing negative emotions takes time. It can take up to two months to ‘re-train’ your brain to overcome negative emotions, and change all depends on the behavior of the person.


  1. Become Conscious and Create a Plan


When a conscious plan is created, it can get you started in overcoming negative emotions and boost your motivation. Saying that you are going to change a particular bad habit is not enough. A concrete plan is needed in order to start changing negative habits. Set personal goals for yourself and review your progress often while working on the worst habits first. Your plan should include milestones and prompts to help remind yourself what you are trying to achieve. Keeping an action program or to-do list as a constant reminder of what you wish to achieve is a good start.


  1. Develop Self-Awareness and Self-Discipline


In order to fully change negative emotions and eventually habits you must become self-vigilant. Watch yourself for back-sliding and remind yourself of the reasons you wish to break a negative habit or cycle and the long term benefits of breaking that habit. This takes self-discipline, willpower, self-awareness, and honesty. Be persistent and firm with yourself so you can change the way you view life and become a happier person.



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