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Get a Jumpstart on Life and Recharge Your Inner Motivation

Motivated people will tell you it is important to recharge your inner motivation. It makes sense since life is a balancing act of positives and negatives. Motivation is not a constant wellspring of positive energy. In fact, it can slip and it often needs to be recharged. Below are 3 tips to recharge the inner-motivator within.


  1. Enjoy a Short Recharge Exercise


Recharging inner motivation does not have to take hours upon hours. There is a simple and effective exercise that you can complete that lasts only ten minutes. First find a quiet place to relax and sit down. Next close your eyes and ask yourself two questions. In five years how will your life look if you remain on your current path? How could life become worse for you and your loved ones? These questions are not easy to ask yourself and may make you uncomfortable when you seek negative answers. But those negative consequences can be strong motivators that get you in gear and allows you to become motivated once again. Then ask yourself two more questions. In one to five years how will your life look if you change for the positive and keep going? How can this improve your life and the lives of your loved ones? With this set of questions you are thinking of your future in a positive manner that vividly gives you personal reasons to change. To further motivate yourself, write these questions and answers down as a reminder that you can see every day.


  1. Drink in Motivation from Others


A magnificent way to recharge inner-motivation is to let the motivation of others encourage you. The energy you feel from positive and motivating people is addictive and can fill you with the desire to make positive changes concerning your own motivation. Talk to others about your dreams and ask them about their dreams and achievements. You do not have to limit yourself to just talking with others, however. You can also read books, blogs, and articles that offer motivational advice. Take five to ten minutes out of your day to turn your mindset around and create a more positive mood to become more motivated about changes in your life.


  1. Don’t Let Lack of Motivation Stop You


Even if you do not feel motivated, get started anyway. The idea is that you simply need to start and your motivation will catch up with you. This is a very important tip since you cannot control whether you wake up inspired or uninspired. That first small step may be all you need to get going. Your inner-motivation will catch up with you after you focus on starting. Each small step forward will lead you to the completion of additional tasks and make you feel better and more motivated to tackle even more.



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