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My Favorite Free Motivational Tools and Resources

If I were to offer advice on the best free motivational tools and resources I would actually tell people that they all come from within. It sounds a little guruish to say such a thing, but these are the best free motivational tools around.

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  • Influence: A person in a position of leadership should learn how to use their own authority to influence their team to remain motivated. The best way to influence your team is to remain the leader at all times. Be justified in your actions, lead by example and always be ready to help people improve themselves. Communicate effectively so people always know what is expected of them and reward people by acknowledging a job well done. Knowing your team, remaining in charge and communicating effectively will all influence and motivate people so they know where to go and what they need to do to succeed.


  • Manage Bad Seeds: Nothing gets people off the motivation train more quickly than watching a bad seed get away with abusing the system. Being aware of what each of your team members is up to will allow you to nip bad behaviour in the bud. Each person has to feel they are carrying their own weight and that what they do matters. However, they also have to see that their co-workers are also pulling their own weight. When someone is allowed to slack off it will bring the entire team down. When everyone works hard and you notice, people will remain motivated without complaining.


  • Fair Play: When you weed out the bad seeds you can be better focused on fair play. Having a team you respect will make finding reasons to reward them for their hard work easier. Keep an eye on who does what and make sure those who are deserving of recognition receive it. Avoid favouritism and find strengths in each individual so everyone feels important and valued. This is the perpetual pat on the back people crave to stay engaged and motivated.


  • Invest in Talent: Your best free motivational resource is your talent. Have an open door policy that encourages people to use their knowledge of the business to make improvements. When people feel their ideas matter and see their ideas put to good use they will feel valued. Harvest ideas from your own team as the best possible resource to motivate and inspire greatness.

As you can see free motivational tools and resources lie within your organization, in your own management skills and within your team.

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