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How Humor is Used by Motivational Speakers to Transform Meetings

Humor is very powerful. There is nothing subtle about the effects of humor as its effects are distinctly and immediately visible.

Humor converts defeat into victory and a humorous person – such as a humorous motivational speaker – is a winner everywhere they go. Laughter is hailed as one of the highest and most endearing indicators of human emotion as it holds the key to transforming any dull scene into a lively one. It works instantly in diffusing tension that looms in any situation and serious affairs like meetings can benefit greatly from an infusion of laughter.

Just a smile can make or break a business deal, close a sale, or start a new friendship. If a genuine smile can change a lot of outcomes for the better, imagine what laughter can do!

Laughter is a natural stress buster and the known health benefits of laughter are numerous. From curing blood pressure to alleviating depression, laughter does a world of good to the body and the mind. Laughter is truly the best medicine!

However, in this blog, we are only concerned with the effects of laughter on a meeting, its planners, and attendees. So, here is how laughter helps in meetings:

First, laughter relaxes people, and a healthy bout of laughter can induce the kind of calmness that leads to a productive environment. The body and the mind bathe in the ‘feelings of goodness’ and a full-throated laughter can relax all the muscle groups in the body and lead to the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are feel-good hormones that are normally secreted after a 30-minute exercise session. When we laugh, there is no need to wait for 30 minutes, endorphins are released immediately to give the body and mind freshness and a high that can last for several minutes.

Studies have shown the positive effects of laughing for 30-45 minutes can last an entire day. Laughter also helps in integrating both the left and right sides of the brain thereby helping to absorb and process information, a prerequisite for meeting attendees.

Meeting attendees are not always in the best frame of mind when they enter the meeting as they are often carrying professional and personal baggage. Preoccupation with problems leads to a closed mind characterized by lack of attention, apathy, and impatience. Add to that the drone of routine business presentations and discussions and it is easy to see why hiring a professional humorous motivational speaker can be the difference between a productive meeting and a waste of time for everyone involved.

Funny motivational speakers use laughter therapy to snap attendees out of their spheres of indifference and negativity as the relaxation and freshness resulting from laughter clears the mind and makes even the most negative attendee receptive to new ideas. They laugh, come out of their shells, and start paying attention. Suddenly their body language changes as their mood improves. Apathy and indifference give way to interest and enthusiasm. Within minutes, they are a different person actively involved in the proceedings of the meeting.

Laughter results in a spirit of openness, conviviality, and bonhomie that would be impossible otherwise. The atmosphere is instantly infused with positive energy as the positive vibes emanating from the speaker are transmitted to the attendees. Defenses and negativity melt away as the meeting becomes more conducive for progressive and effective discussions.

Once the laughter is flowing, a skillful humorous keynote speaker can guide the attendees to the topics that are the reason for the meeting. The meeting becomes a cheerful and yet purposeful event that every participant cherishes for a long time thanks to the expertise of the humorous keynote speaker.

Being aware of the secret powers of laughter, keynote speakers use them to the fullest extent possible to make meetings more meaningful and productive. Funny corporate motivational speakers design laughter programs suited specifically for each unique audience so that in the end, participants leave with a spring in their steps, a purpose in their minds, and a resolve in their hearts.


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