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Motivational Rules to Apply to Life and Business

Most people believe that when it comes to motivation, it’s a case of you’ve either got it or you don’t got it.


In fact, motivation is a decision. It’s a choice you make and it’s as learnable as any skill, physical or emotional. You can find ways to be positive and strive to improve a situation or you can choose to complain and stay stuck where you are.


However, as we all know, people that choose lie around and do nothing but complain about their situation never get anywhere in life. So, what will you choose? To improve yourself or to wallow in self-pity?


This decision is not always a simple one, so using specific motivational rules can help to create a positive frame of mind and atmosphere in any situation. Using them properly will allow you to slowly gain self-confidence and feel you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. To help you get started, here are three basic motivational rules that can be easily applied in any situation:


1. Find Your Passion – What are you passionate about? What really matters in the world around you? What do you see as your purpose in life? This self-examination is an essential part of finding a reason for what you are doing or finding a reason to do something you will find more fulfilling. Find your passion and then choose activities that help you to fulfill that interest. Avoid activities that you have no personal stake in and swing for the ones you love. Ask yourself this question: If you could do whatever you wanted and were guaranteed success, what would you do? The possibilities are endless.


2. Get Rid of Negativity – Negative thoughts and negative people kill motivation. It is essential you do your best to rid them from your life or at least limit the amount of time they occupy. Toxic relationships can have a very negative impact on your frame of mind if you allow them to. When you find yourself thinking you can’t accomplish something, look for ways to break that thing down into smaller achievable tasks and then accomplish them one at a time. Soon, you will have achieved what you previously deemed unachievable and have taken the first step towards developing a strong motivational habit or skill for the future. When it comes to negative people, limit your contact with them or try to avoid topics that escalate their negativity. You want to reduce the risk of a getting pulled into their drama so having a few well-rehearsed de-escalation phrases up your sleeve is always a good idea.


3. Be Self-Competitive – Set goals for yourself that are monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Write them down and use them to keep track of your accomplishments. By competing with yourself to achieve these goals, and by keeping a good schedule, you will gain self-confidence and trust in your abilities. With that level of self-confidence and trust, you will be able to outdo yourself in everything you do.


Finally, once you have mastered these three basic motivational rules, allow yourself to really dream big and set life goals. Having dreams and life goals to work towards can be a catalyst for significant personal and professional growth. They can also make your current situation even more rewarding as you cross off each of the short-term goals on your way to your dream.


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