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How to Stay Motivationally Right Side Up in an Upside Down World

It becomes very easy to blame the world for everything bad in your life from failure to ill health. Everything around you is screaming negative thoughts and everything about your life seems to be bringing you down. Or is it? For most of us, half of our life is about doing and the other half is about dreaming. The key to staying motivationally right side up in an upside down world is to flip it on your own. And the best way to flip it is to bring the half of your life that is dreaming and the half that is doing together to achieve your goals.

One Negative Thought Allowed

The only negativity you should have in life is saying no to negative thoughts. In your life you have two choices: You can go through life being negative about everything and surround yourself with friends who do the same or you can choose to go through life with a positive attitude. The first choice is self professing and negativity will promote further negativity. The second choice will give you hope and help you turn things right side up.

Take on a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are always feeling poorly chances are you are not living life in a mindful and healthful manner. It is simple. You are what you eat and bodies in motion stay in motion. If you want to be healthy, live healthy.

Friends Don’t Let Friend be Negative

When you surround yourself with people who are consumed with negativity you become consumed with it as well. If you have friends with negativity offer them the gift of positive thought and provide them with this gift whenever they poo poo your hopes and dreams or their own. If that doesn’t work consider separating them from your life because negativity begets negativity.

Rely on yourself for Inspiration and Engagement

Stop blaming the world for all things wrong in your life and become the resource that provides inspiration and engagement for yourself. Don’t expect your boss, your spouse or your friends to offer anything more than respect and support. Everything else is all you.

Make Dreaming Doing

Make your own dreams a reality by doing the things that will help you achieve them. Focus on your goals and go after them everyday to help set things right in this topsy turvy world.

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