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5 Steps to get Motivationally Refreshed, Refocused & Renewed

motivation-stepsYou don’t need a particularly discouraging moment to make you lose your motivation. For most people lack of motivation sneaks up on them day by day until they are down in the dumps thinking everything stinks. The key to motivation is never allowing yourself to get so far down you can’t ever find a way to get back up. Start with these five steps and then stick with it:


  1. Determine what you want to achieve: Whether you want to lose weight, learn a new language or succeed in your career, you have to see it to achieve it. Whether you go shopping and look at the clothes you could be wearing, look at travel blogs to see the people and places you could be visiting or see that shiny brass plate with your name on the corner office door, know you can do it and keep it in mind every moment.


  1. List what you will gain: You can see it within reach, now list what you will gain by reaching your goals. Whether it’s looking stunning, speaking a new language in your travels or buying that Mercedes you’ve been eyeing since you were 18, list everything you will get once you meet your goals.


  1. List the steps you need to succeed: Nothing comes together as easily as when you have a well thought out plan. Make a list of the steps you need to achieve your goals and follow them religiously. More importantly be prepared to adapt when things go as planned and be prepared to adapt and improve to carry on.


  1. Enlist a team of cheerleaders: Share your goals with someone who will help you stay positive. Much like AA has partners to provide a life line in case of temptation to lapse, use these people as your saviors when doubt, discouragement and the fear of failure threaten to defeat you.


  1. Review and mark your progress: Everyday review your goals, check off your progress and revisit what you will gain. When this doesn’t work look to your cheer leaders to help you stay focused and always remember no one should be pushing you on with more confidence or conviction than yourself.


And if you feel discouraged, go right back up to number one and start all over again. These tips should help you in your quest regarding how to stay motivated.


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