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If I Ran the World

It is a little presumptuous to come up with such a title, yet all of us have ideas of what we could do to make the world a better place. If I ran the world I would focus on the below to improve my life and the lives of my fellow men and women.


  • The Success of Others: All good leaders look at what they can do to make their people successful. Without everyone being able to contribute in a meaningful way the world simply falls apart. It is true of a business and it is just as true for a country. When leaders focus on job creation, building talent through training and guiding people so they can do better for themselves the world becomes a stronger more self-sufficient place.
  • Vision: To create growth we have to have the vision for how and where we want to grow. want it for everyone, not just a chosen few. When large corporations hire new management they look for the creative manager that has the vision the old manager(s) did not have.
  • Learning Gratitude: Being thankful is the best way to remain focused on being better. When the world can learn to be grateful for health, wealth and family, it can become a place where gratitude is prevalent. When you are truly grateful, your thoughts are more positive and you can focus that positive energy on what you need to do for all of the things you are grateful for in your life.
  • Dignity: Many leaders forget the importance of dignity. Treating every person with dignity and respect builds up spirit and helps improve performance. Respected people are people who feel good about themselves. They are contributors and play an important role in making things happen. Dignity for each person whether they prepare meals in a restaurant or clear the tables, balance accounts or pay the bills provides each and every person with a sense of duty and accomplishment that makes everything worthwhile.
  • The Golden Rule: Things start to fall apart in any society because people do not share common courtesy for each other. Respect has to be taught from the moment a child enters into the world. Living by the simple rule to do unto others as you would do unto yourself will allow all of us to live in harmony and avoid violence, hardship and unhappiness.


If only it were as simple as writing down a few words. If you read this blog, please try to practice one of the above principles today. Your life and mindset will change for the better and you may be able to improve another persons life at the same time.


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