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When Life Gives You Lemons Get Motivated

I have been asked by several large corporate management teams what I do when life gives me lemons. I always tell them the same thing, “when life gives you lemons get motivated”. If you can’t get motivated after a something bad happens in your life, your going to lose most of the battles you have in your life.

Life’s Disappointments Can Also Leave a Sour Taste

Most of us form early ideas as to how we would like to see our lives develop. In many cases, this turns out to be little more than juvenile wishful thinking since only a few have the determination to stick with their ideals and complete the process of turning them into reality. When you try your hardest to accomplish the goal you are aiming to accomplish and fail, life has officially dealt you a lemon! So what do you do?

Pick Yourself Up and Get Back On The Horse

Overcoming a setback is rarely easy to do; it is all too easy to concentrate on excuses and claims that life has been unfair. It can be quite difficult to comply with metaphorical phrases like the one above. However, there is one thing that can help us to overcome such difficulties and it sounds so simple – after we have been dealt the lemon, we need to get ourselves motivated towards the goal of overcoming it.

How Do We Become Motivated?

We all have the power to work hard and produce changes and that improve our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do not realize this and all we need some motivation to help us push through the hard times!

Here are some ways to become motivated


Use MindfulnessMindfulness & Motivation

Adopt a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)Survive & Thrive with PMA

Read Some Inspiring and Motivating Quotes100 Motivational Quotes

Read Some Inspiring Motivational Books8 Motivational Books

Start Setting Goals1 Year Goals Setting Strategy

Learn How to Handle FailureWhat to Do When You Fail

Hire a Motivational Speaker7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Adopt Positive Life HabitsHow to Stay Confident & Motivated with Positive Habits

5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees5 Quick Tips to Motivate Your Employees


These tools are designed for you. When life gives you lemons get motivated by using them!


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