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How to Measure Your Degree of Persistence

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How Persistent Are You?


Persistence is important in your life. It will mark how well you accomplish tasks that you set for yourself. It will determine whether you are going to finish or quit before you have actually reached your goal. You can have many great ideas for your business and personal life. However, if you do not have persistence to see them through, it is a waste of time to get started. Do you know how to measure your degree of persistence? Before beginning any task or setting a goal, you need to understand your level of persistence and commitment. It is not exactly easy to measure your own persistence. If you are going to be honest with yourself, the only way to measure your persistence is during a task. Then you can measure your persistence level based on when or if you give up. This could take days, weeks, months, and even years. Most people do not have that much time to waste just to find out their persistence levels. Instead you can ask yourself a few questions that can help you figure out your level of persistence.


How Long Are You Willing to Work?


Most goals require that a person must work hard to reach them. When you choose a goal to measure your persistence, consider the amount of time you are willing to devote to it. This includes working toward your goal without any positive reinforcement. Are you willing to keep working toward your goal if you do not see any positive results? The point of the question is to figure out how devoted you would be to your tasks or goals without any idea of making any progress. When you work hard and with persistence, it is much easier when you have an idea when a goal will be reached and when there is positive feedback involved. But how persistent would you be if there were no results? No matter what type of goal you set for yourself, there are going to be times where you are going to lack proper motivation. Being persistent involves pushing through those times so you can eventually reach your goal. When considering these questions and ideas, you will get a good idea of the degree of your persistence. In order to be honest with yourself, short term goals should not be considered adequate for measuring personal persistence.


Motivation Is Not Persistence


Some people may set their level of persistence at forever. Meaning that there are areas of their lives that they would never give up on, and there is no time limit for their goals concerning health, relationships, and their passion for working. Motivation is different from persistence. Motivation involves a positive feedback, whereas persistence is the drive to pursue goals without any type of feedback. Persistence itself involves the desire and patience to finish an activity. Overall the value of the activity is one that is so strong you would be able to continue to do it even without any type of motivation.


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