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5 Motivation Mistakes Managers Make

5 Most Common Motivation Mistakes Managers Make


Regardless of what industry you work in, managers are supposed to make things run smoothly and keep employees on track. However, many managers tend to make mistakes, especially as they are learning or as they get too comfortable in their position. Learning about the five most common motivation mistakes that managers make can help you ensure that you nip things in the bud quickly and have a more productive and happy staff.




Most managers are there to manage employees, but sometimes, they micromanage by hovering over the employee or doing a lot of their tasks personally. These managers rarely let people express their creativity or come up with new ideas because they might be afraid of change or just aren’t sure how to implement them. They rarely have group discussions or let them be open for everyone, and they rarely motivate the team.

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Big Ego


It is important for your managers to feel confident in what they do, but when they get a huge ego, it brings about negativity. They feel like they know everything and the employees know nothing. Employees with good ideas are shunted or ignored, leading to being less motivated and excited about the job.


Not Listening

Sometimes, managers get defensive or blame others when things don’t go well. However, employees may have mentioned various ways of making changes that the manager wouldn’t hear. Everyone should be involved in the problem-solving aspect. The manager shouldn’t just give answers to any questions and fix everything.


Not Caring

When a manager doesn’t seem to care about their employees, they dismiss their value. They may not care if an employee is better suited for another department because they don’t want to get involved.


Personal/Leadership Development

Most managers develop a mindset where they believe they are invincible and they neglect leadership development because they think it’s unnecessary.


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