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Motivational Speakers and Their Impact on Companies Large and Small

Hiring a motivational speaker should not just be about trying to fill an hour or two during your company’s annual leadership or sales conference. Your company deserves a speaker that delivers value and leaves the audience with a new perspective on their life and work.


Having the ability to reach an audience of thousands with an impactful story that leaves a strong message lingering for weeks is powerful and necessitates a highly professional and experienced motivational keynote speaker.


Speaking about hardship, loss, peaks and valleys is what can bring people closer together and increase moral. Everybody goes through ups and downs; however, few can fully admit their feelings and the actual events that caused those ups and downs (mostly the downs). Creating a warm and comfortable environment is something of an art form that requires a humorous keynote speaker adept at using some levity to lighten the mood and get the audience engaged.


Displaying a deep understanding of a company’s – or organization’s – current situation and what needs to be done to improve that situation is what a great motivational speaker does. Energy bursts through the vocal cords as gripping stories are told of events most leave unspoken, only to leave audience in with a positive vibe and outlook on life.


No matter the situation, the four main components to a great motivational speech are:


Researching: Any professional motivational and keynote speaker worth their salt thoroughly researches the firm they are going to speak in front of. This involves taking a deep dive into the history of the firm and talking with executives about where the firm is headed and where they want to go in both the short and long term.


Learning: While conducting their research, motivational speakers learn what needs to be expressed to the audience the most and what needs to be covered from an executive’s point of view. Having this knowledge in the bank allows the presenter to touch on key points that resonate with the highest percentage of many audience members.


Creating/Customizing: Creating and customizing a great speech or presentation can only be done properly after ample research and knowledge has been gained about the companies past and current state and where they want to be headed in the near future. As any leading certified virtual presenter will tell you, this goes double for keynotes conducted in the digital realm.


Delivering: This is the bread and butter of any motivational presentation. The speaker must know who their audience is and be willing to dive into personal issues that connect them to the audience in such a way that the audience feels motivated. Bringing immense energy and truly inspiring stories to the audience while making a personal connection is extremely important. Delivering a physical product such as a book, CD or movie is another great way to keep the audience engaged weeks after the event.


The profession of trying to motivate another human being or a group of people is one that requires a lot of practice. In general, years of experience make the best motivational speakers impactful and worth hiring.


The process of delivering a major inspirational performance to a large group of people is much more difficult then motivating a person to work out as a personal trainer would. What is the difference?


Someone who is presenting to a large audience must make a personal connection to each member of the audience without sounding vague or like a phony. A personal trainer or personal motivator has the advantage of spending one-on-one time with their clients and being able to truly make sure they are doing the job they are supposed to be doing. They do this, and then they leave and go their separate ways only to meet again at some point in the future. However, a great speaker will dig their message of motivation deep inside the hearts and souls of those who choose to listen.


Large and small organizations can see an improvement in moral and connectivity after a great inspirational performance. They leave with the same idea although it may take on different meanings for each member of the audience; this allows the group to converse with each other about what they gained from the presenter.


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