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How Motivated People Win in Life and Business

Almost universally, industry-leading motivational speakers believe motivated individuals are geared to win and be successful.
By nature, these are people who focus on meeting the most miniscule objectives to maximize their chances of achieving their ultimate goal. No detail is too small and they are very strategic when it comes to planning how they will win. They also have an inherent ability to get creative around solving problems and overcoming obstacles on the way to reaching their goals.
Internal and External Motivation
Uncovering how motivated people win involves learning a little about how they are motivated. There are two different sources of motivation, as stated by many top virtual motivational speakers. Motivation can be external, or it can be internal:

  • External motivation is based on rewards or, less commonly, on avoiding penalties or negative consequences. How many times have you heard an elite athlete say they hate to lose more than they love to win? Winning a cash prize for being the Employee of the Month is a more common (and relatable) example of external motivation.
  • Internal motivation is unique to each individual. It is the ability to self-challenge and continually strive for perfection for perfection’s sake.

Internal motivation is a key factor for winning in professional and personal settings. External motivators are helpful, but they don’t have the power and the sustainability of internal motivation.
Think of individuals who have overcome incredible odds. These people became winners despite the negativity or lack of support from external sources. Learning how to become self-motivated on an internal level is a powerful tool. Once learned, you can use this to chart your course to personal success.
Winning needs to be carefully defined. It is not always based on specific, tangible outcomes. Winning can also be in learning something new, becoming better in a personal or professional area, or making steps towards your ultimate goal. With each success, you will find the capacity for internal motivation increases, which continues to support your efforts in the future.
How motivated do people win?
Learning how to stay motivated and how motivated people win is key to finding long-term success in your personal and professional life.
According to many motivational coaches, here are some habits shared by all motivated and successful people:

  • They don’t spend time on judging but instead focus on trying to learn from mistakes and improve
  • They don’t stop learning. Learning and improving is an important part of succeeding and highly motivated people know that they must learn to be better to achieve their goals
  • They don’t give up but instead look at every setback as a lesson and chance to improve. Motivated people understand that each setback is important and always come up with a plan how to overcome them
  • They know what they want. They come with a plan and know what it takes to get where they want to be. No matter the odds
  • They get out of their comfort zone. Motivated people know that only by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone do they get better and get want they want
  • They surround themselves with people who motivate them. They learn from them, support them and know that they will get the same in return if the situation arises
  • Motivated people do not make excuses. They don’t feel sorry for themselves and they don’t overthink things. They are prone to action and getting things done

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Natasa Tomic is a journalist and content producer who specializes in writing about business and sales.


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