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Purpose Driven Culture Improves Motivation

Building up a purpose driven culture includes the first step in motivating your staff. Individuals have a desire to work for an office which will make an impact. Whether the purpose includes providing an experience or offering a service, every person working within your organization must be behind it.


Often each organization’s purpose statement is what will set them apart from other companies and motivates one to opt to work there over an additional organization. The purpose of your company’s mission does not cease at the hiring; the purpose statement must be alive and thriving within the workplace. As a staff member has a problem they look to the values and purpose as their guide to discover the solution. Having one common purpose provides each of us a sense of family and team. Values and purpose driven cultures have an incredible influence on motivation. The culture which exists in all companies have the capability of being a driving motivational force.


Here is a great example of a company with a purpose statement that is strong and has stood the test of time. Life is Good Purpose.


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Have Development Plan within Place


Culture does not occur on accident. A huge part of keeping your staff motivated is being alert to the opportunities down the road and how your employees can take advantage of them. In some organizations, individuals leave as they feel they have no place to grow.  Companies should take the guesswork out of it by explaining on the first day of employment how to advance on to the next level and earn more money.  For example, a pizza maker has a number of other positions in a kitchen that they may become certified in so they can get a raise. The process permits a new member of the team to set goals in alignment with where they have a desire to be in the company. Whether they want to become certified within their favorite position or check how rapidly they might obtain all of the certifications the plan has laid out for them. It is important that your plan for personal development is aligned with your organization’s purpose.


Create Relationships


As most individuals might think relationships will have nothing to do with motivation, research shows otherwise. As a staff member feels appreciated, they’ll bring more to the job. Stress from strained relationships is going to show up within the productivity at the office. It might be as simplistic as introducing yourself to a newly-hired staff member or you can offer to support an additional staff member by picking up their shift. Those relationships which exist inside the workplace are critical to the productivity of business as a whole.


Have some fun!

It does not need to be no play and all work. Having contests throughout the work week not only increases morale, but also unites staff members.

A purpose driven culture is the cornerstone to sustained motivation within your organization. People working with a cultures values that are alligned with a purpose are more determined to fulfill their duties and succeed.


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