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The 5 Fundamentals of Motivation

Motivation is a psychological factor that is undeniable in any feat or performance. The winners in life would never have been there if they hadn’t taken inspiration from something and been motivated enough to achieve. Life is hard in society and achievements are even harder to succeed with. If you cannot control your actions and direct them in the right channels, you’ll never get things done successfully. There are some experts who can help motivate you better. Here are the 5 fundamentals of motivation that will help you control your future and success better –

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# 1 – The Power of ‘You’

Remember that ‘You’ are the most important aspect of your success. Without your own power of self motivation, you cannot achieve anything. You are your biggest inspiration and your determination is your biggest asset. Whenever you feel alone and incapable, look into ‘You’ for assistance before looking towards friends, colleagues, or family – only then will success find you.

# 2 – Believe in your Goals

Goals are set by ourselves, for ourselves. Your company or employer may set your objectives, but the scope of ‘goals’ is much wider than merely ‘objectives’. These goals are markers you set out to achieve which will act as guiding lights in your path towards success. Follow them with diligence, and you will never stray from a path that will eventually give you success.

# 3 – Failure is Good

OK, don’t judge this one without hearing it out completely. Repeated failure is never positive, but failing itself is one of the 5 fundamentals of motivation. Without failing, you will never be able to gather enough experience to succeed. No achievement in human history was a one shot deal – everything had a slow start and a gradual or sudden success. In between, it was the trials, errors, and failures that led to victory.

# 4 – Commitment is Virtue Beyond All Else

If you don’t have the heart to completely immerse yourself into a task, don’t expect success. Motivation comes when you have worked towards a goal and find the zeal to stick to it within yourself. Commitment is a promise to yourself, so the only person you fail when you aren’t committed is yourself. Grit your teeth, dig in hard and give it everything you have – results may vary, but satisfaction is guaranteed.

# 5 – Success is Relative

This is perhaps the most important of the 5 fundamentals of motivation. Never get de-motivated if your results aren’t equal to or better than others’. Remember, all that matters is whether you are happy with your achievements. There is always a second try, but never lose faith.


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