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The Practice and Science of Motivational Training

The practice and science of motivational training is a long term commitment to yourself, and not just advice. Always remember that patience is vital for success, and you need to be tenacious towards your goals.

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This is why you must understand that a professional motivational speaker or support group can only direct you; and that is only 10% of the journey. The 90% is you – your biggest asset and your most reliable resource – the only factor which you can control 100%. This is why you must hone yourself to have a stronger mindset towards motivational training. You must prepare your own mind to accept defeat as a learning experience and face your problems straight in the eyes. Without these skills of self – empowerment, being motivated is impossible for any individual.

From the billionaire business tycoons to the student who stands out first in junior high – everyone who has won something has adhered to the rules of the practice and science of motivational training. The contradictions? While some people have it naturally, and they don’t even know how they are motivating themselves, others need a guiding hand and a bit of pushing in the right directions to achieve their goals. However, the latter have a slight advantage over the natural victors – they learn on the go, and know the methods and problems much more intricately over the naturally blessed. Hence, when problems do arise (as they always do) the learners will be the ones prepared aptly, while the naturals will have to depend on instinct, situations, and luck.

If life has given you a hard deal before, that is not your story, and it’s not over yet. Think of it as a chapter in your life that has been there to teach you not to repeat the same errors and train you better in case it happens again. This is the first step to understanding self-motivation. It’s like self – hypnosis to believing that you can achieve, and that your past has nothing to do with your future except possibly giving you experience to avoid mistakes! This is all a part of the various angles of the practice and science of motivational training. Prepare yourself before blaming ‘luck’, others, or external factors. Only if you try 110% can you say you really tried, and if you did try 110%; success is already round the next right corner!


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