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Worry Never Works – Take Action

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Think about why you worry. Not the actual reason for worrying, but the underlying reason for ever worrying about anything. The reason is because it gives you time to think. Time to think about not doing something, time to think about changing the way you do something, and time to think about taking action! However, it doesn’t actually allow you or provide you with the tools to take action. Usually, we worry so long we become exhausted and lose control, preventing us from taking action.


Completely dismiss the worrying part and move into action. The worry is just nerves reacting to something your mind doesn’t agree with creating noise in your mind to prevent immediate action from being taken. Next time you worry about something, try to ask yourself, “What good can come of this worrying?”


Maybe you are worrying about money or a relationship. Stop and introduce the question above. See how many times you find yourself asking this question and you will notice how much you are worrying. Next, every time you find yourself asking this question, ask yourself what is the next thing that can be done to you’re your worrying by solving the problem. Take action!


The more you employ this type of thinking, the more you will realize that the worry never works. Worrying never solves any problems and often causes unwanted and unhealthy stress. Eliminate the worry from your life and take action, you will find a great deal of pleasure knowing how much control you have over your mind and the situations that arise in your life on a daily and weekly basis.


Professional Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Mentor,  Doug Dvorak.


P.S. – Most things we worry about never actually happen. 🙂


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