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10 Tips for a Positive 2021

Last year was a painful one for all of us. With the pandemic and all its effects (economic crisis, riots, etc.) had us feeling like the world was falling apart. After a year like that, every motivational online speaker will tell you that it is normal to feel unmotivated. But now that we are leaving 2020 behind, it is time to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move forward with a positive attitude and emotional stamina.


Yes, 2020 was hard, but we must stay positive and believe better things are headed our way. As any motivational speaking expert worth their salt will tell you, it is only by thinking and acting positively, can we attract better and more positive things.


No, coronavirus will not magically disappear in the blink of an eye but can still make new resolutions and focus on the essential things in life. After all, isn’t the New Year the perfect opportunity for a new beginning? Here is our Top 10 list of motivational tenets for all of you out there who may be struggling:


1. Stay Positive


You are what you think is the first rule of a happy life. Positivity – the first step in the law of attraction – is needed more than ever nowadays. Having the right attitude, faith and optimism will help lead you to a place where all things are possible.


2. No Energy Vampires Allowed


Energy vampires are people who drain your emotional energy. They leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. The continuous drain on your resources and energy can be highly stressful. Establish boundaries and cut those people out of your life. Instead, surround yourself with positive people and activities that amplify your “joie de vivre.”


3. Be a Positive Team Member


Top online virtual speakers will tell you to look at setbacks and failures as opportunities for improvement. When you have a positive mindset, you will find solutions to problem rather than blaming your failure on things you cannot control. Even though it can be hard sometimes, remember that being positive does not just make you better, it makes everyone around you better. Positive people are make better decisions and are happier and healthier than their more negative counterparts.


4. Hard Work Works


To accomplish your goals, you must work hard. There is no way out of it. Do not sit and wait for wonderful and magical things to happen to you. Go out and make them happen! Work hard, sweat, bleed and keep your focus on achieving SMART goals. Why would you expect anything to work if you’re not willing to put in the work?


5. Stay Positive with your Self-talk


Self-talk is our inner voice. It’s our own narrative about ourselves. While everyone has negative thoughts, it is very important to keep your self-talk as positive as possible. Monitor and manage negative attitudes and replace them with encouragement and optimism. The truth is positive self-talk can impact our life and even provide us with health benefits. Additionally, it not only affects the way we see ourselves, but also the way people around us see us.


6. Remember Your “Why”


Remembering your “Why” (or your purpose) will help take you to new levels. Start every task by running it through your own “Why” filter and you will find it much easier to stay focused on your endeavors. Reflecting on your “Why” at the end of every day will also help you stay on track with regard to achieving your goals.


7. No Complaining Rule


Do not complain about the little things. Remember, nobody wins by complaining. All complainers are doing is wasting time and energy that could be put into finding solutions to challenges. Always strive to use and create things that will serve your greater purpose and you will soon be focusing less on problems and more on your path to achievement.


8. Get Back Up


Failure is completely normal and we have all been there. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, what matters is how many times you pick yourself up and get back in the fight. A common refrain among motivational speakers is that failure should not define you, it should refine you.


9. Focus on “Get To’s”


Instead of complaining when you have to do something, shift your perspective and think about what you get to do. Nobody else gets to live your life and you are blessed to have this opportunity to live it however you want. Focus on gratitude and you will be on your way to living your fullest life.


10. Smile and Laugh More!


Finally, remember to smile. The world is your playground, and the possibilities are unlimited. As we all know too well by now, bad things are going to happen. It is how we deal with those things that will ultimately determine the size of their impact. By remember to smile through it all, you will send the message to yourself and everyone around you that life is good and you’re going to come out on top!


Taking on a more positive attitude will be the best thing you can do for yourself in 2021. If you need a little help getting into the swing of things, you might want to consider engaging a professional motivational speaker or a coach. And never forget, you made it through 2020. You can start by giving yourself a big pat on the back for that!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Natasa Tomic is journalist and content producer who specializes in writing about business and sales.


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